Winter makeup - a selection of fashion ideas for every day and for special occasions

In order to always look beautiful, you need to know the features of skin care and the use of decorative cosmetics depending on the season. Especially difficult is winter makeup, when it is necessary to hide from prying eyes the negative effects on the skin of low temperatures and other factors.

Makeup in winter — rules

In order not to be upset because of your appearance, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of makeup in winter, both everyday and evening. This applies not only to the use of certain decorative cosmetics, but also to other rules that many of the fair sex ignore, without even realizing the possible consequences. So, in the cold season, experts advise girls and women to consider the following recommendations:

  • face cream must be applied at least 30 minutes before going outside, otherwise the dermis may be injured due to temperature changes. It is even better to do this an hour or an hour and a half before the exit, however, not all young ladies have such an opportunity;
  • winter makeup cannot exist without a tonal foundation. Owners of dry skin in the cold season are better off using a BB cream, which will provide the dermis with additional moisture, even out the complexion and give it a rested look;
  • tint, blush and highlighter should have a creamy texture. In this case, an important rule should be taken into account — the colder it is outside, the more fatty and nutritious all products should be;
  • a similar rule applies to concealer — it should be as fat and dense as possible;
  • Although many girls believe that when creating winter makeup, you can easily do without a bronzer, in reality, this is far from the case. If necessary, this tool can and should be used, however, its shade should be an order of magnitude lighter than in the warm season;
  • In cold weather it is very important to protect the skin of the lips. You can refuse the color pigment during this period by choosing a nourishing balm with natural oils. This tool will protect the gentle lips of its owner from frost and, moreover, will provide a long-term attractive shine;
  • in addition, in winter it is better to use waterproof makeup products, since at any time there is a chance of getting caught in unexpected snow or rain.

winter makeup rules

Everyday winter makeup

Daytime winter makeup should be as discreet and subdued as possible, because its main task is to hide the existing flaws in appearance and protect the skin of the face from harsh weather conditions. For daily walks, study or work, it is not at all necessary to use excessively bright and saturated colors, on the contrary, stylists recommend avoiding them, preferring shades that are as close to natural as possible.

Winter daytime makeup involves the alignment of complexion, which is achieved through the use of concealer, highlighter and other similar products. If necessary, add expressiveness to the look, stylists advise using waterproof mascara and shadows, and before applying decorative lipstick, it is imperative to use a protective balm or oil.

everyday winter makeup

Evening winter makeup

Various celebrations are also held in the cold season, so any girl may need to make an evening fashionable make-up, winter. Such a make-up differs from the everyday one in greater brightness, contrast and elegance. Any color scheme can be used to create it, but the most preferred options in the cold season are green, blue and purple shades.

Winter evening make-up is intended for rooms in which there is often not enough light. For this reason, young ladies need to accentuate lips and eyes, and the tone of lipstick in saturation should match the tone of the eyes, and the eyebrow pencil should match the tone of the hair. In all cases, it is necessary to use high-quality decorative cosmetics, which will allow the result to last for a long time.

evening winter makeup

Beautiful winter makeup

Fashionable winter makeup should be not only beautiful, but also of high quality and lasting. Otherwise, he will not be able to withstand all the «whims» of cold weather, the influence of precipitation and gusts of wind. In addition, in all situations, with the exception of going out and special occasions, such a make-up should not be too bright.

Nevertheless, modern fashionistas have ample opportunities for a beautiful make-up, including in a harsh cold climate, since cosmetics manufacturers offer young ladies a lot of decorative cosmetics designed specifically for cold and frost.

beautiful winter makeup

Winter makeup for brunettes

Depending on the appearance, girls with dark hair are divided into two subtypes — “southern winter” and “northern winter”. So, if the latter is characterized by a porcelain skin color, then the former, on the contrary, are dark and, in addition, have eyes of dark and saturated shades. Given these factors, it is necessary to do makeup, the winter look for which is ideal. Stylists recommend young ladies with the “northern winter” appearance color type to use the following instructions to create a make-up:

  • the tonal basis must be selected strictly to match the skin tone;
  • blush should have cool pink shades;
  • if necessary, to make the appearance more expressive, you can use a dark eyebrow pencil and eyeliner;
  • shadows can have different shades, but the best choices in this case are purple, blue and silver;
  • lipstick is better to choose colorful colors.

Young ladies with dark skin that correspond to the “southern winter” color type should consider the following tips from fashion stylists:

  • the tonal base should have an olive tint, while the powder is better to choose as neutral as possible;
  • blush of cool shades can best emphasize winter makeup;
  • shadows in this case, you can choose almost any — from gray to brown. However, in everyday life you should not get carried away with too bright and saturated tones;
  • the ideal lipstick has a bright red or burgundy shade.

winter makeup for brunettes

Winter makeup for blondes

Girls with light hair color, especially natural, have a bright and attractive appearance, the merits of which must be properly emphasized. Winter day makeup for such young ladies should be as natural as possible, without bright patches and rich shades. As means for every day, light shades of foundation, classic black or brown mascara and soft pink blush are ideal. As part of creating an evening look, you can use brighter cosmetics by referring to the popular smokey ice makeup technique.

winter makeup for blondes

Winter makeup for redheads

Red-haired beauties in the cold season, it is important to adhere to the following rules:

  • tonal means must be selected according to skin color, not freckles;
  • winter eye makeup for redheads should be juicy, however, stylists recommend avoiding too dark shades of shadows;
  • lips are better to slightly tint with a gloss with a peach or pinkish tinge.

winter makeup for redheads

Winter makeup for green eyes

Beautiful makeup for winter with green eyes will make the appearance of its owner incredibly attractive and sexy. Although it should not be too bright, even in the daytime version, one or two catchy shades are allowed. When creating winter makeup for everyday life or going out, it is useful for girls with green eyes to consider the following tips from fashion stylists:

  • shadows may have a brownish or greenish tint. To make the eyes brighter and more expressive, the use of a base with mother-of-pearl shine will help;
  • black eyeliner in a daytime make-up is superfluous. However, if necessary, young ladies with green eyes can use a light gray pencil;
  • green eyes do not require the use of mascara. If desired, mascara should be chosen classic, black;
  • lipstick should be matte, discreet shade.

winter makeup for green eyes

Winter makeup for brown eyes

Brown-eyed girls, who already have a bright appearance and expressive facial features, should do makeup for a cold winter, taking into account the following recommendations from stylists:

  • in the presence of any skin imperfections, for example, redness or pimples, the dermis should be very carefully treated and its tone evened out using special correctors;
  • even in daylight, it is necessary to make out the area above the eyes. In the cold season, it is best to use a brown or graphite pencil;
  • shadows should be applied only to the upper body, and their texture should be matte;
  • for brown-eyed beauties, the use of mascara is a must. In the winter cold, it should be of high quality and waterproof;
  • when choosing a lipstick, there are 2 options — a light pearly sheen or a matte lipstick with the obligatory design of the lip contour with a pencil.

winter makeup for brown eyes

Winter makeup for blue eyes

Girls with blue eyes should avoid muted shades, preferring bright contrasting colors. In addition, stylists advise using highlighters with a cold undertone — pearl or silver. Makeup for winter with blue eyes should not be faded — to create it, you need to choose bright shadows, black mascara of a rich shade and dark tonal means.

winter makeup for blue eyes

Makeup for a winter photo shoot

Modern girls very often take part in various photo shoots, which can be both individual and group. In any case, photographs from such events are stored for a long time, and every young lady wants to look perfect on them. In order not to be disappointed with the result, makeup for a winter photo shoot on the street should be done taking into account such nuances as:

  • make-up should be bright, but not defiant;
  • the main condition is a perfectly even tone and masking of all existing shortcomings;
  • to create such a make-up, only high-quality waterproof products should be used;
  • matte shadows will help to make the eyes especially expressive.

winter photo shoot makeup

Makeup for a first date in winter

For girls who go on a first date with a man in the cold season, a light winter make-up with one bright accent is suitable. As a rule, in such a make-up, the emphasis is on the eyes, as a result of which the look becomes more expressive and attractive. In addition, do not forget about the use of the foundation necessary to mask all existing skin imperfections. Depending on the condition of the dermis, it can be a light BB cream or a whole range of products that complement each other.

winter first date makeup

Winter wedding makeup

To create a beautiful makeup for the bride in winter, you should especially try, because at this time of the year any flaws are very striking. In order not to be disappointed with the result, it is better to contact a trusted specialist who will make the image of the newlywed amazing. When creating wedding makeup in winter, it is worth considering the following trends:

  • transparent glowing skin will look best in winter, which is achieved by using a special makeup base and shimmering powder;
  • the best choice for the eyes — smokey ice and arrows;
  • lipstick should be bright;
  • the white eyeliner looks very interesting.

winter wedding makeup

Creative winter makeup

To look bright and unusual, a creative winter make-up for every day is suitable, which can be made very interesting and unusual with the help of rhinestones, neon paints or patterns on the skin. To celebrate the New Year and other events, you should use white false eyelashes, large rhinestones and mother-of-pearl sand, which will create the effect of snow.

creative winter makeupbeautiful winter makeup


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