Winter makeup - fashion ideas for every day and special occasions

Many girls believe that bright colors are not suitable for the cold season, but this is an erroneous opinion, because the original winter makeup can favorably emphasize the existing advantages of appearance. With it, you can make an expressive emphasis on the eyes or on the lips.

Winter everyday makeup

Stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas winter makeup for every day, presented in an extreme variety:

  1. For everyday wear, when choosing, you need to turn to a more calm and natural nude style makeup. You need to pay attention to the shade of lipstick for lips, it should only emphasize the lips, and not highlight. Those same trends should be followed when choosing powder, blush, mascara. In such makeup, eyeliner is practically not used. At the same time, discreet, barely noticeable shadows can be applied in a small amount to the moving eye.
  2. The trend this winter will be pronounced eyebrows, they have already won a place of honor on the fashionable Olympus. The purpose of this makeup is to create an image that is as similar to the natural look as possible, the upper eyelid will increase, which will help make the eyes appear larger. This shape of the eyebrows helps to correct facial features, make it narrower if it is round.
  3. For a casual look, you can make a spectacular winter make-up if you turn to lipsticks in burgundy or brown. Such shades have a dark overflow, which fits perfectly in the cold season.

winter everyday makeupwinter makeup for every day

Winter makeup for brunettes

Stylists will be able to fully show their imagination, creating a catchy or, on the contrary, light winter make-up. This is due to the fact that the dark-haired representatives of the fair sex themselves have a bright, memorable appearance:

  1. The choice of cosmetics is better to start with the selection of shadows, these can be shiny and iridescent options. For girls, winter eye makeup with a highlighted eyelid area will be relevant. Brunettes will suit shades such as dark purple, blue, and purplish red.
  2. For lovers of discreet bows, you can turn to shades of brown and beige.
  3. Winter time is relevant for transparent glosses with mother-of-pearl. Matte lipsticks are also relevant.
  4. Natural shades of lipsticks can be complemented by bright shadows. Arrows may also be present in this makeup.
  5. If bright lips are created in the image, then you need to discreetly make up your eyes, for this, mainly light shadows are selected.

winter makeup for brunettes

Winter makeup for blondes

Stylists offer a variety of evening or daytime winter makeup designed for blondes:

  1. Fashion trends say that blondes should not be shy about extravagant options. It can be multi-colored eye makeup, smokey with arrows on the lower eyelid and lips that are highlighted along the contour.
  2. When creating makeup for blondes, black should be minimized. It can be eyeliner and mascara, made in a brown or dark gray version and applied in a small amount so as not to significantly burden the appearance.
  3. If you choose a foundation, then the ideal tone will be peach with a slight pink effect.
  4. To make the skin tanned, you need to take powder with a tan effect.
  5. When creating makeup for blondes, eye color plays a role. For blue eyes, a foundation and powder with a pink and peach tone are taken. For brown eyes, it is worth taking bronze powder and foundation with a pink tone, blush is chosen in brown tones.
  6. Shadows are also selected depending on the color of the eyes, blue, gray or silver eyeshadows are suitable for blue ones. For brown eyes, bronze and gray shades will be a suitable option.
  7. As for eyeliner, a light brown or gray shade will be ideal for light brown hair, and ashy color is suitable for brown eyes.

winter makeup for blondes

Winter makeup for redheads

Red-haired girls attract constant attention. Winter makeup designed for them should be created with the following points in mind:

  1. To create an image, you need to decide on the color type, because a girl can have pale skin, a lot of freckles that create problems when applying makeup. When choosing a foundation, you should stop at a translucent foundation without a pronounced pigment or stop at such a coating option as a bb-cream.
  2. Red-haired girls should turn to blush, but here the choice will already depend on the eyes, if they are brown, then peach, beige or coral options will be an ideal choice. Brown, apricot and coral blushes are suitable for green eyes. For blue and gray eyes, it is worth stopping at a beige-pink or peach blush.
  3. Eyebrow pencil is selected according to the shade of the hair. However, if the eyebrows are too light, then you should stop at a pencil with a brown tint.
  4. The secrets of winter makeup involve the use of brown, chocolate, gray and blue shades.
  5. Redheads should definitely not resort to a black tint or pronounced pink makeup. When choosing mascara, you should focus on the natural color of your eyelashes. You should not dwell on black mascara all the time, if the owner of red hair has almost light eyelashes, then you can stop at the brown version.

winter makeup for redheads

Winter makeup for green eyes

When creating a stylish look, green-eyed beauties should take into account the features of winter makeup:

  1. In the cold season, both muted tones of natural colors and deep and dark shades will be relevant for eye makeup. For green eyes, it is worth dwelling on beige and brown shades.
  2. To make an evening bow, the same colors are welcome, only complemented by a shimmer or glitter. A sparkling smoky will do. For an evening look, dark purple, dark gray and earthy marsh shades are perfect.

winter makeup for green eyes

Winter makeup for brown eyes

Girls with brown eyes have a large selection of shades with which they can create both more complex and simple winter makeup. It can be navy blue, emerald and plum, which is the perfect choice for winter. When using these shades, brown eyes become brighter. You can draw soft arrows, creating a smoky effect on the eyelids, while creating smooth transitions from one color to another.

winter makeup for brown eyes

Winter makeup for blue eyes

When choosing the means by which an original winter make-up is created, blue-eyed beauties are advised to pay attention to the following variations of its application:

  1. You can stop at terracotta, plum and blue-black shades. These rich dark tones will create an expressive contrast that perfectly emphasizes the transparency of blue eyes.
  2. Depending on the saturation of blue eyes, the following technique is used: the lighter they are, the darker the shades are selected for the eyelids. If, on the contrary, the girl has a rich blue color, then you need to focus on light shadows.

winter makeup for blue eyes

Fashion winter makeup

Any representative of the fair sex can make an incredibly beautiful winter makeup:

  1. Eyebrows will play an important role in makeup, in 2020 naturalness will be relevant. Eyebrows need to be given a beautiful shape and lightly tinted with shadows or mascara.
  2. Applying red lipstick on the lips will help to give more sexuality. Such lips can become an accent in light makeup, or vice versa, they will be an addition to a heavy smoky version.
  3. Not every girl can easily decide to replace the classic black mascara, but blue will be in trend.
  4. Winter makeup, made in one color, will be relevant. When creating it, you can not particularly show imagination, one shade is taken, and it is used as shadows, blush and lipstick. The most suitable colors will be pink, peach, coral and even brown.
  5. In the cold season, they often resort to makeup with black eyeliner, you can use completely different options for drawing arrows. This winter, a thick arrow is relevant, which can become a separate element of makeup, or combined with shadows. She is a bright embodiment of retro style.

trendy winter makeupbeautiful winter makeup

Winter makeup with sparkles

If you want to capture a bright look, the perfect solution would be a winter makeup for a photo shoot containing sparkles:

  1. Eyeshadows with glitter or glitter are considered ideal for winter 2020. At the same time, you need to carefully consider the choice of shiny shadows, because bright winter makeup with a lot of glitter is hardly suitable for everyday wear.
  2. For every day, you should choose a not very catchy shiny structure. If desired, these shadows can be combined with other shadows and pencils.
  3. Glitter shadows are also in trend. When choosing them, you can stop at completely different shades.

glitter winter makeup

Winter makeup with silver shadows

Silver shadows are a great way to create creative winter makeup. It will become especially relevant to complement the evening bow:

  1. Smokey, made in shades of precious metals, is perfect.
  1. Silver, platinum and gold are perfect options for an evening look. Such eyeshadow options can be complemented by bright lipstick or vice versa, nude lip gloss.
  2. When creating a winter brilliant make-up, you can use liquid shadows that blend evenly.
  3. Silver shadows are a great addition to any down jacket. This variation of the everyday look can be used by bold fashionistas.

silver winter makeup

Winter nude makeup

This season, natural winter makeup becomes incredibly relevant:

  1. Nude is a minimum of cosmetics, but a maximum of facial skin care. Cosmetics should be close to natural shades, close to the natural tones of the face.
  2. When creating a nude stylish winter makeup, you need to choose a quality moisturizer, a transparent lip balm and a little highlighter.
  3. A brown palette will perfectly help to create a natural make-up, for this bronze shades can be used not only for shadows, but also for lips. Brown color is presented in the form of matte and translucent brown shadows. For lips, brown shades are also boldly used, but they should be lighter than in the shadow version.

nude winter makeup

Winter eye makeup

To make a spectacular make-up for a winter photo shoot in the forest or an everyday option, you need to pay special attention to the design of the eyes. Suitable for both cream and liquid eyeshadow textures, and dry ones. An excellent choice would be shimmery shadows with a metallic effect. For example, it can be pink and copper tones, especially for green and gray eyes. The trend continues to use different shades of the same color in eye makeup.

winter eye makeup

Winter lip makeup

To make a spectacular make-up, a winter look may contain an emphasis on the lips:

  1. One of the best ways to create the ultimate look is to experiment with lipstick colors. In winter, plum and burgundy shades and lip glosses are often used. This look looks great on fair skin.
  2. If the lips are bright, then it is worth minimizing eye makeup. Coral and pink shades should be avoided in the images, they are more suitable for the warm season.

winter lip makeup

Winter eyebrow makeup

When creating winter makeup for girls, it is necessary to pay due attention to the design of the eyebrows. The trend is maximum naturalness, so wide eyebrows will be an ideal solution. at the same time they should be neat and beautifully laid. As for the color scheme, it is better to give preference to shades that are as close to natural as possible. For different types of appearance, it will be black, light or dark brown.

winter eyebrow makeup

Winter wedding makeup

carefully selected winter makeup for the wedding deserves special attention. With it, the bride will be able to look truly unique:

  1. It is worth experimenting with bright lips. Ideal options would be wine and cold pink shades of lipsticks.
  2. Winter is associated with blush, so it can be used in a wedding look.
  3. Minimization of makeup is becoming a trend, while attention is paid to voluminous textured hairstyle.
  4. Winter is characterized by white color, so it can be used on the eyelids or in the form of arrows.

winter wedding makeupwinter wedding makeup


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