Winter manicure - the best ideas for stylish and fashionable nail design

In the cold season, winter manicure becomes relevant, which embodies snowflakes, stars and Christmas decorations and other types of design. Popular trends in nail art are naturalness and simplicity, but the use of ideas that make nails catchy and eye-catching is also allowed.

Winter manicure ideas

Stylists offer to the attention of fashionistas all kinds of options for winter manicure:

  1. A trendy option would be a monochromatic manicure. Actual options will be varnishes in a beige and cream palette.
  2. Winter manicure will surprise you with its minimalism and simplicity in solutions. The matte design option, winter abstraction, geometric motifs, jacket and ombre will be a win-win.
  3. Fashionistas can please themselves with a manicure with holes, the “broken glass” and “negative space” options.
  4. If nail art is planned for the time of the evening out, then you can turn to the abundance of glitter, rhinestones and other shiny elements.
  5. Winter manicure can surprise with artistic painting, which is complemented by various powder options, which makes nail art more voluminous.
  6. Thematic patterns are incredibly relevant in the cold season. Drawings can be traditional, passing from one season to another, for example, these are snowflakes that can be applied in a variety of ways. Unusual trends can also be applied, such as openwork frosty patterns, the drawing of which requires certain skills and abilities.

winter manicure ideaswinter manicure optionswinter manicure colors

Manicure for short nails — winter design

On a shortened length, it will be possible to easily embody a beautiful winter manicure on short nails:

  1. Although the length of the nail is limited, do not give up the decor. In the festive version, glitter and sparkle painting look great. In order not to overload the image, you can limit yourself to decorating two fingers.
  2. The current option would be «broken glass». Due to small particles, winter manicure literally shines, which in itself attracts attention.
  3. In the cold season, a variety of Scandinavian designs will be in trend. This nail art looks great and adds a touch of comfort to the image. Often such patterns are complemented by glitter and foil details.
  4. On a short length, you can create a jacket, while classic colors will be relevant.
  5. As for the drawings, it’s worth stopping at something simple, these can be options for abstraction and minimalism, which is very appropriate on short nails.

manicure for short nails winter designbeautiful winter manicure for short nailsmanicure for short nails winter design

Winter manicure for long nails

The longer the nails, the more space for imagination. Winter manicure design for long nails can be embodied in the following design variations:

  1. An excellent option would be to apply colorful stickers with the image of snowflakes and a decorated Christmas tree. This design looks great on long nails.
  2. To create an eye-catching design, you can use a shimmer, a small scattering of sparkles perfectly imitates a snow cover.
  3. You can apply another brilliant element — the use of foil. A foil jacket looks great on long nails; it can be complemented with a Christmas tree toy in the center of the plate.
  4. On the nails, you can create a combination of a cat’s eye with kamifubuki, this is a great option that creates a stunning effect.
  5. An imitation of a garland will look interesting on long nails. The base is covered with black matte velvet and is combined with yellow rhinestone garland lights.

winter manicure design for long nailswinter manicure for long nails

Winter manicure on an oval shape

An elegant and sophisticated solution will be a beautiful winter manicure on an oval shape:

  1. The use of a green tint, which is considered one of the most fashionable colors, will be relevant. The pastel palette will also look beautiful on an oval shape.
  2. The oval shape is perfectly emphasized by stickers. Such elements can look very realistic.
  3. A manicure with a winter theme with New Year’s toys will be popular. This design is worth decorating one or more nails.
  4. The stones are perfectly combined with different techniques, this is a jacket, moon nail art, you can lay out a picture or make a mosaic.

winter manicure on an oval shapebeautiful winter manicure on an oval shapefashionable winter manicure

Winter manicure for square nails

On a universal form, you can make an incredibly stylish and at the same time simple winter manicure:

  1. In recent seasons, a variant of a soft square has appeared, where the edges are slightly filed. Such nail art looks very gentle, especially if pastel varnish is applied to it.
  2. Often monochromatic varnish options are applied to a square shape, because they are able to expand the nail and make it visually larger.
  3. As for decorating, it is better to choose a large decor, often only the ring finger stands out. These can be stones, rhinestones, geometric patterns and glitter coating.

winter manicure on square nailssimple winter manicurewinter themed manicure

Winter manicure on an almond shape

A great solution suitable for any occasion would be a winter almond manicure:

  1. Nail art in a monochromatic version will look beautiful; for an evening look, you can turn to a matte finish, ombre technique, or even stamping.
  2. On the almond shape, the jacket, gradient, options with light patterns and delicate patterns look amazing. A light winter accent can be created by patterns in the form of twigs and various curls.
  3. If you want to create office nail art, then you can stop at stylish geometry or moon design.

winter almond manicurewinter almond manicure

Winter manicure for sharp nails

Amazing and fantastic ideas can be realized on sharp nails. Even the lightest winter manicure will look spectacular on this form:

  1. The design with a New Year’s pattern, rhinestones, and painting looks great.
  2. On pointed nails, you can create a classic sharp jacket. If the plate is long, then you can turn to a multi-layered color jacket, this will be a transition from white to a bright version.
  3. On sharp nails, painting is welcome, to make it bright, you should turn to shiny sand blotches.
  4. To achieve everyone’s attention, you can create a mirror effect on your nails using foil. The use of this decor in the hole will look original.

Winter manicure for sharp nails

Winter French manicure

Will bring sophistication and elegance to the image of French winter manicure:

  1. The usual design of a jacket in white remains in fashion. However, do not give up on the color jacket, saturated and deep tones will be relevant.
  2. In winter, the use of an additional bright effect is welcome, so you should turn to different foil accents, rhinestones and beads. However, it is worth stopping at the minimum amount of decor so that the winter French manicure does not look too overloaded.
  3. When creating a jacket, you can apply inscriptions, they can be motivational, funny or love.
  4. French can be with a themed design on the theme of winter. This design looks especially gentle and can be complemented by Christmas balls, gifts and even a sleigh with reindeer.
  5. The Nordic pattern is gaining popularity, often it is created using stamping or slider design.
  6. In winter, it’s important to have a shiny manicure, so a glitter jacket is a great alternative.

french winter manicure

Winter nude manicure

Such a kind of nail art as a nude winter manicure conquers with its elegance and simplicity, it looks great with any casual wear:

  1. Metallic stripes, stamping and stickers embodying thematic images look unique with nude manicure.
  2. If in a monochromatic version, a winter pastel manicure seems boring, then you can turn to a jacket, moon design, ombre, patterns, drawings and modeling.
  3. For decoration, you can add rhinestones, glitter and microbeads.

winter nude manicurewinter nude manicurelight winter manicure

Winter manicure with sparkles

In the cold season, a fashionable winter manicure containing shiny elements will look unsurpassed:

  1. A popular combination is sequins and rhinestones. Nail art fits perfectly into the winter look and hides the imperfections of the nails.
  2. A great idea would be drawings, complemented by sparkles. The sparkle smile line looks beautiful.
  3. It will not be boring to look like a small length of nails, decorated with drawings in the form of snowflakes from sparkles.
  4. Under the brilliant version of the manicure, you can choose any shape of nails, and it costs two fingers to decorate, so that the image looks expressive.

winter glitter manicurefashionable winter manicure

Winter matte manicure

Matte in nail art perfectly emphasizes the well-groomed hands and makes the contours clearer. Therefore, a matte winter manicure without a pattern or with any image will become the epitome of elegance:

  1. It will be interesting to look glossy jacket on a matte basis. Lunar manicure can also be beautifully combined in matte and glossy designs.
  2. The matte base can be complemented by rhinestones, it can be a laid out moon line on the ring and middle fingers.
  3. On a matte basis, drip imitation can be created, such drops look great on a green background.
  4. The hit winter colors of manicure are blue, red, black. Beige, pink, burgundy varnishes in a matte finish will become relevant.
  5. A matte base can be created using gradient coloring, for example, different fingers are covered with varnishes ranging from a dark color to a lighter tone.

winter matte manicurewinter manicure colors

Delicate winter manicure with rhinestones

A winter manicure with rhinestones laid out on a delicate basis looks truly unsurpassed:

  1. When decorating nail art with rhinestones, you need to focus on originality. Nails decorated with bouillon-balls look interesting.
  2. As a decoration, there may be a single element in the form of a flower, heart and other original ideas.
  3. Often in a French manicure, created using classic white varnish or pastel shades, a hole is decorated with shiny rhinestones.

gentle winter manicure with rhinestonesstylish winter manicurewinter manicure with rhinestones

Winter ombre manicure

A great way to bring variety to nail art is to make a winter gradient manicure:

  • the transition of shades can be made barely noticeable if you use varnishes of similar colors;
  • another option would be to apply a bright contrast when the coatings are radically different in color from each other;
  • on top of the gradient base, you can depict a winter thematic pattern, for example, a snowflake or a Christmas ball;
  • popular in winter is the ombre design, made with a stretch of sequins.

ombre winter manicurewinter manicure gradienteasy winter manicure

Winter knitted manicure

The current trend is a stylish winter manicure, made in a knitted variation:

  • this design embodies a pattern reminiscent of a knitted sweater. In the middle of the nail there may be a pattern that looks like a knitted pigtail pattern;
  • knitted design looks voluminous, so it is advisable to use it on one or two nails.

winter knitted manicurestylish winter manicure

Wedding winter manicure

A gentle manicure will be a harmonious addition to the bride’s outfit, the elegant winter design of which is presented in a variety of variations:

  • in cold weather, it is allowed to use a traditional floral design, but you can also make a thematic drawing embodying snowflakes on a pair of nails;
  • an openwork frosty pattern will look great;
  • wedding bright winter manicure will be a universal solution. However, if the wedding is themed and involves the use of a certain shade in the dress and interior, then it can also be used to create nail art. For example, it can be lavender or blue varnish;
  • in winter, the use of a shiny rub or the application of sparkles will organically look.

wedding winter manicuregentle manicure elegant winter designlight winter manicure

Winter manicure with rowan

A winter manicure with a pattern depicting a mountain ash will look catchy and extraordinary:

  • red berries can be painted on the nails with varnish or made in a voluminous version, for example, by laying out with red rhinestones;
  • a combination of red mountain ash with white snow-covered branches will be harmonious;
  • you can combine two thematic drawings at once and depict rowan and bullfinches.

winter manicure with rowanwinter manicure with a pattern

Winter manicure with snowflakes

A popular type of nail art is a winter-style manicure with snowflakes:

  • beautiful drawings can be depicted with white varnish or laid out with sparkles. A large stone can be placed in the center of a shiny snowflake;
  • a snowflake can be made voluminous by laying it on one of the fingers with rhinestones. An alternative option would be the image of the decor using modeling.

winter manicure with snowflakeswinter style manicurewinter themed manicure

Winter manicure «frosty pattern»

The original solution will be a manicure, the winter patterns of which are made in the form of a frosty pattern:

  • elegant painting can be used to apply decor, and openwork patterns are drawn on the nails, reminiscent of those obtained with the help of frost on the window;
  • you can use a simplified version and apply stickers containing the appropriate pattern;
  • You can embellish nail art with sparkles.

winter manicure frosty patternmanicure winter patterns


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