Winter wardrobe

Well, winter is here — time to think about warm clothes and reconsider your winter wardrobe. You want to look fashionable and elegant at any time of the year, but in winter it is more difficult and more expensive — after all, winter things should not only decorate, but also warm, creating comfort and good mood for us, regardless of the weather outside the window.

How to choose a fashionable winter wardrobe?

The main thing to pay attention to when choosing winter clothes is the fabric. In the first place here, of course, wool. Woolen things are characterized not only by heat-shielding properties, but also by beautiful appearance, high elasticity, dimensional stability and practicality. In order to smooth the woolen fabric, it is enough to hang the product in a room with humid air.

For winter, calm warm colors are most relevant: burgundy, chocolate, red, all shades of yellow and orange, as well as mustard and olive. With the right color scheme, a warm suit will refresh and decorate a white blouse or turtleneck in light shades.

An original addition to knitwear sets, which are simply irreplaceable in cold weather, can be a chiffon scarf or scarf in a contrasting shade, as well as a light fur trim. Do not be afraid to combine, feel free to use a wide variety of textures — leather, lace, coarse fabric inserts, knitted motifs and openwork to decorate and complement your models. You will look stylish and at the same time very feminine.

Basic winter wardrobe

The basic winter wardrobe of a modern woman is, first of all, trousers. In the cold months, you can’t do without them, therefore, when choosing such an outfit, you should not forget that trousers, first of all, should be warm and hide figure flaws. For those who want to become slimmer and visually reduce the hips, classic models with extended legs are suitable. Jeans and trousers with a low waist will adorn long-legged fashionistas. The color palette here can be the most diverse — all dark shades of gray, brown, navy blue and, of course, black.

A woman’s winter wardrobe must have at least one classic dark skirt just below the knee and a pair of winter boots with low heels. The figure and age can make their own adjustments — the skirt is knee-length, and the heel is slightly higher, but this does not change the versatility of such a set. In combination with jackets, fashionable knitted cardigans, sweaters and blouses, any of your looks will look smart under any circumstances.


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