women's classic business style

It is difficult to imagine a successful person in the business world who would not value his reputation. Most corporations and companies, cherishing their image, have a special corporate dress code policy, strictly requiring their employees to comply with established style standards. This is an important detail of a successful company, as the first impression plays a fundamental role in this area of ​​doing business.

Business style women’s clothing

The conservatism of this style has not changed dramatically for over 100 years, despite numerous fashion trends. What is a modern women’s business style? In another way, it is also called the office style, which is very close to the classic, but the business style is much more conservative. What is the female style in fashionable business clothes? What are the features, and what are the rules?

The office dress code dictates strict rules when choosing an outfit, the main of which is to give up everything superfluous that can distract colleagues and business partners. Also, clothing should be comfortable, because it is designed for a working day. Strict lines should prevail, flared, neutrality in color, muted tones and uniformity in fabrics, an unobtrusive print with a pattern in the form of a small cell, houndstooth or stripes, elegance and modesty are allowed.

An example of business attire

The basis of women’s style is a fashionable classic business suit. This is not necessarily a pantsuit, it can be with a skirt. Although not all companies recognize the women’s trouser suit. A classic fitted, possibly semi-fitted jacket or knitted cardigan, vest. Pants — slightly narrowed, straight with an arrow. The skirt is medium length, slightly fitting. The blouse can be replaced with a jacket with a knitted top. Do not forget about women’s sheath dresses, which will only benefit the business style. When choosing a material, wool is considered to be the best, for its wear-resistant qualities, practicality and convenience. Summer suits consist of various combinations of wool, silk and viscose.

From shoes, you should pay attention to pumps made of leather, dark in color, matte, with medium heels. Low shoes with lacing will go very well with trousers. It is important not to forget about beige stockings or tights, which should be worn in the summer.

Despite its severity and conservatism, the business style of clothing does not in the least burden the manifestation of the style and individuality of a modern woman.


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