Women's haircuts 2022 - fashion trends for long and short hair

Women’s haircuts in 2022 can be called a complete avant-garde, replacing the timeless classics. In its pure form, squares, bob, cascade, ladder and pixies are already hard to meet, because their amazing mixes are in trend. Considering that retro still rules, but hairstyles from the 70s of the last century, styling worn by hippies and rappers are in fashion.

Women’s Haircut Trends 2022

What stylish women’s haircuts in 2022 will be at the peak of popularity in the new seasons?

  1. We should not discount the caret and cascade that we love, their mix of caret-cascade, ladder and Aurora, both with and without bangs. These traditional hairstyles have long conquered the whole world, they are rightfully considered classics of hairdressing. Based on them, new, avant-garde solutions are created.
  2. The eternally beautiful and well-groomed bob, with all its combinations, bob-car, bob-cascade, pixie-bob and others, also did not leave the world podium.

women's haircut trends 2022

  1. The updated session, garcon and page victoriously blew up the world.
  2. Along with the classics, new women’s avant-garde haircuts 2022 with shaved areas and legs, fade, undercut, which can transform you beyond recognition, model your hairstyle so that your most secret dreams come true, have come into fashion.
  3. The effect of light trendy negligence will be skillfully emphasized by the wolf cut, and the stunning beauty of the thick bangs will be revealed by the haircut of the curtains.
  4. Add brutal style to the overall image of a grunge hairstyle.

stylish women's haircuts 2022

Fashionable women’s haircuts for short hair

The whole fashion industry is working to make very short women’s haircuts look amazing, transform us beyond recognition for the better. Stylists and leading hairdressers are constantly modifying them. They innovate in pixie, garcon, cropped bob and cascade. They create stunning combinations with a square on the leg. A separate species is a hedgehog, which is not suitable for all young ladies, but at the same time it perfectly enlivens the face and brings a fresh look to the appearance. In the coming year, you should pay attention to asymmetrical hairstyles with oblique bangs and shaved areas.

fashionable women's haircuts for short hair

Another women’s haircuts of 2022 are wonderful retro variations of the same bob, fade, undercut and wolf haircut, with torn edges, profiled tips, thick bangs, both straight and oblique. However, it is worth noting that hairstyles without bangs, without styling, which are immediately created as models, do not require special care. After washing the hair, they can only be combed and that’s it, the hairstyle is in full openwork. In the coming seasons, page, bob, graduated cascade for short hair will be in demand.

very short haircuts for women

Fashionable women’s haircut for medium length

Women’s medium length haircut is the most common hit of the coming year, a great alternative to long and short hair. The best hairstyles for this type are cascade and bob, both with and without bangs. Variations with a session and an elongated pixie are possible. An excellent choice for extreme and extravagant beauties will be grunge hairstyles and an ordinary ladder, proven over the years. Do not forget about multi-stage haircuts, with graduated strands, torn ends, thick and lush bangs, both straight and oblique.

fashionable women's haircut for medium length

For medium hair length, hairdressers offer cascading women’s haircuts in 2022. These are combinations of caret-cascade and bob-cascade, when a stunning volume is given to the hair. These hairstyles are not only the choice of mega stars and famous personalities, but also ours, it is especially suitable for lovers of elegant classics, for those women who need to constantly maintain the image of a business woman. An ideal choice for working ladies and students who, while studying, are already moonlighting in offices with a strict dress code.

medium length women's haircut

Fashionable women’s haircuts for long hair

Beauty and charm in one set — these are elongated women’s haircuts for any hair, thick, wavy, even, sparse. The main condition of the new year is healthy and well-groomed hair, so hairstyles obey this rule. Hairdressers create and develop many new solutions for us, both for every day, which do not require special care with the effect of slight negligence, and for a holiday — ideally styled. These include:

  • elongated cascade and multi-stage ladder;
  • fox tail and asymmetrical haircut, both with and without bangs;

fashionable women's haircuts for long hair

  • a square for long hair, which can go with diverse bangs, oblique, straight, elongated, asymmetrical and without them, with long front strands, multi-colored feathers, both with an oblique and straight and even cut;
  • bob for long hair and all its varieties;
  • wolf cut with torn edges, profiled crown and feathers of different lengths, the same tousled gavroche and various grunge solutions;
  • session and hat;
  • creative female haircut with shaved temples.

long haircuts for women

Women’s haircuts with bangs

Fashionable women’s haircuts with bangs amaze with their diversity. They are available for both long and short hair. This is an eternal classic — square and cascade. For chic hair — a fox tail, unique avant-garde haircuts with shaved parts, but thick, diverse bangs. Ladder, «Aurora», bob. For a short length — a pixie, a hedgehog with an ultra short bang, moreover, not only even, but also oblique.

women's haircuts with bangs

For any haircut with bangs, bangs can be of several types:

  • thick and straight, even;
  • profiled with uneven ends, both straight and oblique;
  • oblique and elongated;
  • torn, both straight and oblique;
  • with multi-colored feathers;
  • square and triangular, sharp, oval and round;
  • asymmetrical with an oblique cut.

fashionable women's haircuts with bangs

Women’s haircuts without bangs

Fashionable women’s haircuts without bangs can be any existing. Because the line is very thin. Especially when it comes to ultra-short options. The female hedgehog is light, careless and rebellious. A female undercut without a bang necessarily requires styling. The strands are combed back or to the side, and the temples and the back of the head are shaved. Bob without bangs suggests that the hair should be immediately parted to the sides. It beautifully outlines and highlights the face. Also, experiment with the location of the parting, because the asymmetry is very refreshing in this haircut.

women's haircuts without bangs

A classic female bob haircut on any hair length will look stunning without a bang, and experiments can be done with a parting. The garcon does not lag behind everyone, its variations without bangs amaze our imagination with their incorruptible appearance and the fact that in an instant it is able to give the image of youthful enthusiasm and a touch of a certain audacity. The bob-car combines the features of both haircuts, and is most spectacularly revealed on medium hair. Due to the fact that the front strands are longer, you can do without bangs, while maintaining the main outlines.

fashionable women's haircuts without bangs

Women’s haircuts for a round face

Fashionable women’s haircuts for a round face should not add volume to the sides. They are designed to visually stretch the face to a perfect oval. Oblique bangs, asymmetry and torn edges of the haircut brilliantly cope with this task. Experienced hairdressers know to emphasize vertical lines, covering the cheekbones and cheeks on at least one side. At the same time, abandon wide, voluminous bangs and small curls from the hair roots. A good option would be an asymmetrical short hairstyle with ragged bangs and different hair lengths.

women's haircuts for round faces

Chubby young ladies will suit:

  • pixie, which adds mischief and boyishness to the gentle image of the fair sex. For stylish and self-confident ladies, this is a great choice;
  • bob with oblique and elongated bangs, which is practical and comfortable for every day. It belongs to the category of haircuts that practically do not require styling;
  • an elongated square with a not thick, profiled, but straight bangs, like the eternal classic without bangs with a side parting;
  • cascade and ladder, especially for medium hair and with elongated bangs.

fashionable women's haircuts for a round face

Women’s haircuts for an oval face

Stylists note that the oval is the ideal shape that fits any hairstyle. Therefore, a female haircut for an elongated face can be different, the one that you want to do at the moment. Leading hairdressers lean towards ladder, bob and cascade. Retro lovers can easily choose a versatile bob and sesson, garcon and a page with a hat. If you want novelty, then pay attention to haircuts with shaved areas, asymmetry with torn edges, gavroche, wolf cut and curtains.

women's haircuts for an oval face

To find a good solution, you should choose options that can divert attention from an elongated chin, as well as wide cheekbones. At the moment, there are many different haircuts that are perfect for an oval face type. Due to their magnificent shape, bob and bob-car draw attention away from wide cheekbones, and if you choose an elongated version of this hairstyle, this will help hide a long chin.

women's haircut for a long face

Women’s haircuts for the full face

What fashionable women’s haircuts for a full face will be in demand and are perfect for hiding minor appearance errors, transferring visual accents to dignity? Layered and multi-stage, creating lush and extra volume in the crown area, with elongated front strands and thick, profiled bangs. Bangs can be straight and oblique, here the choice depends on personal preferences. An excellent option would be an asymmetric cascade and a ladder with graduated strands.

full face haircuts for women

Bold fashionistas who love everything unusual and extravagant can pay attention to short hairstyles, squeaks, garcon and even gavroche, provided that the face, although full, is oval. A square, like a bob, and all their varieties can also be suitable, provided that the haircut is made taking into account appearance errors and the visual accents are shifted from the cheeks and cheekbones to the forehead, eyebrows and eyes. If you want to achieve the effect of slight negligence, then a trendy wolf hairstyle with torn edges and oblique cuts, especially on long hair, will be an excellent choice.

fashionable women's haircuts for a full face

Women’s haircuts for a thin face

In order for women’s haircuts for a narrow face to fit perfectly and fit into the images, it should be noted that such hairstyles will visually add volume and slightly expand the face. These options include:

  • elongated caret, but on the leg it is better to refuse;
  • classic bob and bob-car, as well as bob-cascade;
  • pixie, which will add volume to the top of the head;

women's haircuts for thin faces

  • gavroche with torn feathers in the crown area with elongated ends;
  • garcon, which balances the proportions of the face;
  • page, hat, ladder and cascade, but not a caret-cascade;
  • a curtain with bangs on both sides and asymmetrical strands, but not shaved areas.

women's haircuts for narrow faces

Women’s haircuts without styling

A model female haircut that does not require styling is comfortable and as convenient as possible, especially if there is a need to wash your hair often. It can look retro, classic and ultra-modern. In order for the hair to lay down as it should, the master must take into account a lot of subtle nuances: texture features, the direction of fall and the weight of the curls, and even such a thing as shape memory. The last point is especially important when it comes to a radical change of image: hair will get used to a new hairstyle for at least two weeks.

women's haircuts without stylingmodel female haircut

Women’s haircuts for curly hair

Curly women’s haircut is designed to reveal the beauty of curly luxurious hair. Therefore, in addition to the classics of the genre, square, bob and cascade, you can choose «Italian», wolf cut, garcon and short flight of stairs. An interesting option is «Afro», which can be combined with ribbons, hoops and other decorations. For long and very curly hair, experienced hairdressers offer variations of layered and multi-stage haircuts.

women's haircuts for curly haircurly female haircut

Women’s haircuts for sparse and thin hair

If your hair is far from perfect, it is brittle, thin and sparse, then any modern women’s haircuts are suitable for you, giving maximum volume, both in the crown area and throughout the head. A natural choice for many occasions will be a cascade and bob due to their multi-stage, ladder and Aurora, pixie and gavroche, which create splendor at the top of the head. You can pay attention to the garcon and hat.

women's haircuts for sparse and thin hairmodern women's haircuts

Women’s haircut curtains

Leading stylists know that in order to make beautiful women’s haircuts stylish, you must first part your hair into a central parting, and then start cutting from the sides to the crown. The result is a unique hairstyle with bangs on both sides, called curtains. This option is ideal for those fashionistas who have naturally curly hair. Curtain bangs are considered one of the most popular, for their universal quality to suit different types of faces and hair.

women's haircut curtainsbeautiful women's haircuts

Women’s wolf cut haircut

Women’s wolf haircut is a trendy relaxed hairstyle with bangs, layers on top like a shaggy and long hair at the back like a mullet. This decision looks disheveled, as if you just woke up and did not have time to comb your hair. But this is the highlight — this is fashionable slovenliness. Layered bangs and a mullet-like nape create the look of a real rock star. If you like the retro aesthetic of the 70s, then this hairstyle is definitely for you.

wolf cut female haircutfemale wolf haircut

Undercut women’s haircut

When all the classics are already fed up, then a non-trivial women’s haircut with shaved temples for bold and determined fashionistas comes to the rescue. Such hairstyles look new, enliven the images, give the appearance of modern style, sharp and bold brutality. Although they are not suitable for business images, but for bohemians and students, they are an excellent choice for many occasions.

undercut women's haircutwomen's haircut with shaved sides

grunge woman haircut

In modern hairdressing, there are types of women’s haircuts that emphasize deliberate negligence and creative mess on the head. When the hair is slightly disheveled. Grunge hairstyle does not require long styling, but involves a quick process: tousle the hair with your hands and you’re done. This applies to any length of hair. It is ideal for thin and non-voluminous hair, because it visually makes the hairstyle more magnificent and masks the existing imperfections. Even on the shortest hair, it looks very advantageous.

grunge female haircuttypes of women's haircuts

Women’s fade haircut

For brave and resourceful fashionistas who are not afraid to experiment with their appearance, fashion gurus offer to pay attention to stylish women’s haircuts. These include the fade hairstyle, which looks good on women with an oval face shape and a proportional skull, but with skillful execution it is also suitable for other types. There are many varieties of fade, but the basic one is the division according to the level of hair shaving: low, medium and high. The choice is influenced by the shape of the face and the quality of the hair, but the fade is suitable for both women with straight and curly hair.

fade haircut for womenstylish women's haircuts


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