Women's haircuts for medium hair 2021 - fashion ideas for the stylish and daring

The importance of hairstyles was appreciated by fashion trendsetter Coco Chanel. Stylists find confirmation of this when they create women’s haircuts for medium hair in 2021. The length is universal, suitable for the implementation of options with an even cut, torn ends, graduation.

Medium length haircuts 2021

A well-chosen shape will facilitate styling, embellish the image. Masters distinguish creative haircuts for medium hair:

  • multilayer. Gives hair extra volume or makes strands lighter. The desired effect is achieved using special techniques: clear cutting or thinning;
  • cascade. If you want to give femininity, the main thing is to opt for soft, rather than sharp transitions. Stylists shorten each subsequent tier from top to bottom;
  • long square. Suitable for straight and curly hair;
  • session. An old idea that has passed into modernity. Used on straight hair;
  • Aurora. It is done on even and wavy strands. Masters skillfully cut the layers, embodying harmonious differences in length;
  • she-wolf — a milled variety, giving impudence due to torn tips;
  • mallet is characterized by a difference in length in the upper and lower parts. The crown is raised, contrasting with the elongated ends below;
  • the Italian differs from the cascade in a wide step between the layers. The technique is applicable on a lush mop;
  • rhapsody — a modification of the cascade, which has a ragged effect. The hairstyle is characterized by graduation, radical thinning, gradation;
  • The debut has a fluffy cap at the top. Elongation starts from the earlobe and goes to the bottom edge;
  • Gavroche is a rebellious hairstyle that came from the 70s. Embodies the style of «retro», is distinguished by a fair thinning.

Haircuts and coloring for medium hair are popular. With the help of selected other strands, it will be possible to create additional visual volume:

  1. Highlighting is common — staining with a light shade of individual stripes. An alternative is coloring in a bright tone.
  2. Balayazh will help to emphasize the tips. Reception gives the effect of burnout in the sun.

medium length haircuts 2021creative haircuts for medium hairmedium length haircuts

Women’s haircuts without styling for medium hair

The pace of life requires you to quickly put yourself in order and go on business. A haircut without styling on medium hair will help:

  • bean. Stylists advise paying attention to the smooth variety. Curls are often straightened, but wavy curls are also allowed;
  • a square with minimal graduation does not require complex styling techniques;
  • the shag looks deliberately casual, combined with bright coloring;
  • undercard. The emphasis is on texture and smooth transitions;
  • mallet is characterized by deliberate carelessness, excluding careful styling.

haircut for medium thick hairhaircut without styling for medium hairwomen's haircuts without styling for medium hair

Haircuts for medium hair for a round face

Chubby young ladies need to disguise nuances. Women’s haircuts for medium hair on a round face will help to cope with the task:

  • a cascade or ladder keep their shape, fit with an iron. The ends are allowed to twist inward;
  • bob-car with elongation. The front strands are made asymmetrical, elongated or graduated, the back of the head is multi-layered;
  • graduated caret will help out ladies with unruly hair;
  • page. Suitable for girls with shoulder length hair. It is recommended to make a round or oblique bang;
  • asymmetry is a good technique to help divert attention from flaws. It is expressed in the difference in length in the side parts and in the bangs.

medium haircuts for round faceswomen's haircuts for medium hair round facehaircuts and coloring for medium hair

Haircuts for medium hair for a square face

The «square» shape is characterized by equal proportions between width and length. The jaw is pronounced, the features are angular. Women’s haircuts for medium hair on a square face will help smooth out imperfections:

  • with volume at the top of the head or near the cheekbones;
  • elongated caret. The slanted bottom cut makes the chin visually softer. The parting is created in the center;
  • glossy cascade. Long strands on the sides soften the sharpness of the features;
  • an asymmetrical bob is made with a side parting, the hair is slightly ruffled. With the use of the technique, the jaw does not look angular;
  • «Paris». The asymmetrical version is suitable for strands of even and curly texture;
  • thinned elongated bangs will add airiness. The part is recommended to be combined with a “cap” in the upper part.

medium haircuts for square faceswomen's haircuts for medium hair square facetrendy haircuts for medium hair

Haircut for medium hair for an oval face

The correct oval is distinguished by soft features. Masters offer haircuts for girls with medium hair:

  • bob and bob-car. The splendor of the strands distracts attention from the wide cheekbones. The elongated version masks an elongated chin;
  • the caret is created classic, torn, asymmetrical. Hides imperfections in the cheekbones;
  • ladder or cascade. The features become softer, the forehead looks wider;
  • the undercut is valid with the correct oval. Creative young ladies will like shaved whiskey.

medium haircut for oval facehaircuts for girls with medium hairhaircut for medium thick hair

Haircut for medium hair for a full face

Hairdressing techniques will smooth out the fullness of the cheeks and chin. For girls, an average haircut for a full face is intended:

  • ladder with cutting the front strands below the cheekbones;
  • square. If the cheeks are plump, it is allowed to make an oblique or asymmetrical parting;
  • cascade. When creating, it is allowed to twist the tips. It is recommended to make a bang that covers half of the face;
  • an asymmetrical length drop in the side parts will divert attention from flaws.

medium haircut for full facemedium haircut for full facemedium length haircut without bangs

Haircuts for thin hair of medium length

Owners of rare strands need to add volume. Curls are confused, do not hold styling well. Haircuts for medium thin hair will help get rid of shortcomings:

  • square. When incarnating, you should think about the cut, which is made even, or slightly bent inward. Asymmetric option is allowed;
  • bean. Stylists advise choosing a tousled haircut, strands elongated in front, massive beveled bangs;
  • multi-layer options look lively and mobile, but you have to tinker with styling;
  • even cuts will make the mop thick and well-groomed. The method is applicable when creating a layering, each level is clearly processed. Masters refrain from thinning.

haircuts for thin medium length hairhaircuts for medium thin hairmedium length haircuts 2021

Haircut for curly hair of medium length

Curls make styling problematic. Correct the situation of haircuts for medium wavy hair:

  • shoulder-length bob is embodied on both dense and thin strands. It is permissible to maintain a hairstyle in a normal state on your own;
  • layered caret does not require close care;
  • options with elongated bangs. It is desirable to make an extension in the area of ​​the temples;
  • an uneven cut distracts attention from the naughty curls;
  • careless curls look advantageous in the form of an elongated «hat». The reception is typical for the mullet hairstyle. Curly lower strands harmoniously fit into the concept of the image.

medium length curly haircuthaircuts for medium wavy haircreative haircuts for medium hair

Haircut for medium hair without bangs

Correct features do not need to be supplemented with details and covering the forehead. The stylists presented to the attention of fashionistas a medium-length haircut without bangs:

  • the cascade makes the strands obedient, not demanding to care;
  • a square with a clear geometric shape is suitable for girls with dark and thick curls. The hairstyle is liked by lovers of correctness and order;
  • careless bob suits blondes, brown-haired women, redheads. Stylists advise slightly disheveled mop;
  • women’s straight haircuts for medium hair should not be chosen for naughty curls;
  • a caret for curly strands will organically complement the balayage;
  • ladder — the absence of bangs makes the hairstyle interesting;
  • the torn version welcomes the tips, which create a contrasting color;
  • shaggy is distinguished by uneven lines and transitions;
  • aurora retains its shape for a long time;
  • long bob. The back of the head is allowed to be decorated with contrasting curls: short or high.

haircut for medium hair without bangsmedium length haircut without bangshaircuts for medium dark hair

Medium length haircuts with bangs

Asymmetry is characterized by the ability to smooth out imperfections. Meets the purpose of a haircut for medium hair with oblique bangs:

  • the caret goes well with milled bangs;
  • graduation is suitable for ladies with thick hair. It does not have a clear symmetry and straight lines. Bangs are milled straight or oblique;
  • A long bob suits a square or round face. Girls with an oval shape are recommended to pay attention to the straight bangs that cover the eyebrows. A triangle with a wide forehead and a narrow chin will balance the oblique detail, which neatly passes into the front strands;
  • torn bean is combined with balayage, shatush, highlighting techniques;
  • the ladder welcomes the bangs smoothly lengthening on the sides.

medium length haircuts with bangsmedium haircut with side bangsbrunette haircuts for medium hair

Haircuts for thick medium length hair

Lush strands are not obedient, do not keep the given shape. Masters advise to give thinning to a haircut for medium thick hair:

  • the square is complemented by torn edges, and for romance it is allowed to add a bang-arch with elongation at the temples;
  • bob with milled ends creates a thinning effect;
  • the cascade includes multilayer levels processed using thinning;
  • raspodia and she-wolf initially suggest thinning, creating a ragged effect.

haircuts for thick medium length hairhaircut for medium thick hair

Haircuts for medium hair for blondes

Light curls are associated with romance. A haircut for medium hair to blond will emphasize the effect:

  • on straight strands, an oblique cut with a side parting looks good;
  • cascades and ladders are relevant, including smooth gradual transitions;
  • a graduated caret is popular, embodying an airy image that masks flaws.

haircut for medium blonde hairhaircuts for medium blonde hair

Haircuts for brunettes on medium hair

Black, dark chestnut curls make the image expressive. Stylists create a variety of haircuts for medium dark hair:

  • an elongated caret is worn loose, French braids or waves are allowed;
  • asymmetric options are popular. One edge is recommended to be made long, and the other — shortened;
  • the cascade, if desired, can be twisted inward or to the outer edge.

haircuts for medium dark hairmedium length haircutsbrunette haircuts for medium hair

Red haircuts for medium hair

Bright coloring distinguishes the girl from the crowd. A medium length haircut for red curls will enhance the impression:

  • classic bob or with long bangs is suitable for straight strands;
  • an elongated bean will shade a light tangerine shade;
  • asymmetrical options emphasize the red color, close to the red tone;
  • the density is thinned out with the help of thinning, cutting out torn ends. Reception looks organically on red coloring.

medium length red haircuthaircuts and coloring for medium hairred haircuts for medium hair

Haircuts for medium gray hair

Gray hair is no longer associated with old age. Women specifically apply staining in an ashy shade. Fashionable haircuts for medium hair will give organicity:

  • when choosing a hairstyle, you should pay attention to a bob or square. Options will help create classic and strict images;
  • if you want to bring originality, it is recommended to prefer asymmetry;
  • it is allowed to make a perm to look softer and more attractive.

trendy haircuts for medium hairmedium length haircuts 2021haircuts for medium gray hair


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