Women's haircuts - top 100 ideas for stylish, courageous girls

Well-chosen hairstyles will make the image harmonious and complete. Stylists offer women’s haircuts for short, medium, long, straight or curly strands. Options are presented in both classic and creative versions.

Types of women’s haircuts

Girls will be able to choose a hairstyle that best meets their expectations. Women’s haircuts are offered in the following variations:

  1. The classic is a bob or square. Hairstyles are made with even cuts, in a multi-layered, torn design. Another classic version is a session with thick bangs and smooth cutting of the side parts downwards.
  2. Youth women’s haircut, endowed with a rejuvenating effect, is pixie, undercut, gavrosh. Bold fashionistas prefer options with shaved temples.
  3. Cascading hairstyles with multi-level cutting. This is a ladder, sheg, Italian, Aurora. The classic cascade remains out of competition, on the basis of which other options are created.
  4. Asymmetrical hairstyles are embodied in any form. One side is made shorter than the other. There is a combination of two hairstyles. An example is the pixie bob.

types of women's haircutsyouth women's haircutbeautiful women's haircuts

A haircut that doesn’t need to be styled

The correct execution technique will help to make the hairstyle universal. The following women’s stylish haircuts will help to do without styling:

  1. Kare looks good and «lays down» on tight curls.
  2. Short women’s haircuts without styling are welcome: pixie, gavrosh, garcon. The strands are whipped by hand in an arbitrary way.
  3. Wolf cut will help you not to think about styling, during the creation of which a deliberate mess is expected.
  4. For medium hair, an elongated bob, rhapsody, is suitable. For styling, you only need to comb the curls.
  5. On elongated strands, a ladder and a torn cascade look good.

haircut you don't have to styleshort women's haircuts without stylingmodern women's haircuts

Women’s haircuts for a round face

For girls who need to correct the fullness of their cheeks, stylists advise certain hairstyles. Anti-aging female haircuts for a round face are created taking into account the following points:

  1. The design of the popular cascade has certain nuances. It is worth refraining from clipping in the cheek area. Strand lengthening is recommended to start in the chin area. An ideal cascade is created in an asymmetric version.
  2. A pixie with elongated side strands will do. Reception will help to visually smooth out the fullness of the cheeks. Visual elongation of the face is facilitated by the creation of volume in the crown area.
  3. Wide and voluminous bangs are a taboo for chubby girls.
  4. A graduated bob will model the shape of the head due to the lush crown and elongated side strands near the face.

women's haircuts for round faceswomen's haircuts for round faceswomen's fashionable haircut for medium length

Women’s haircuts for an oval face

A certain type of appearance provides the opportunity to choose any hairstyle. Women’s haircut for an elongated face is presented in the following variations:

  1. It is permissible to give a multilayer cascade any desired shape. There are hairstyles with shortened «feathers» or elongated classics.
  2. The caret is made with an even cut, «on the leg», in milled form.
  3. All types of short women’s haircuts are allowed: pixie, gavrosh, cap, page, undercut, garcon.
  4. The beauty of long curls is emphasized by hairstyles with an even cut, a “fox tail” that forms a triangle, torn versions of a “wolf”, mallet.

women's haircuts for an oval facewomen's haircut for a long facemodel female haircut

Women’s haircuts for a square face

Some features of the exterior require visual adjustment. For owners of a square shape, the following women’s haircuts are suitable for the type of face:

  1. Texturing and ragged contour will distract attention from a heavy chin. Receptions are performed on cascading hairstyles.
  2. The corrective effect is endowed with a bob-cascade with a voluminous cutting at the back of the head and strands lengthening in front.
  3. The oblique asymmetrical bangs will balance the proportions of the face. The elongated detail lightens and visually equalizes the width of the forehead and chin.
  4. The combination of wolf cut hairstyle and bangs will visually remove the massiveness in the lower part of the face.

women's haircuts for square faceswomen's haircuts by face typestylish short women's haircuts

Women’s haircuts for the full face

Owners of magnificent forms require careful selection of hairstyles. For a full face, a model female haircut is offered in the following variations:

  1. Giving volume in the crown area is welcome. The technique can be applied when creating a caret, bob, pixie. Due to this, the face is visually stretched.
  2. Clipping should not end at cheek level. Reception contributes to the visual expansion of the form. A good solution is elongated temporal strands, acceptable when making a pixie, ladder.
  3. Asymmetry is welcome, which is allowed to be implemented on a square, cascade.

full face haircuts for womenmodel female haircutshort women's haircuts without styling

Very short haircuts for women

Bold fashionistas prefer creative hairstyles. Stylish short women’s haircuts are confirmation:

  • pixie with maximum cutting in the area of ​​the temples and the back of the head. The bangs are made ultra-short or in an elongated version;
  • mohawk — implies high shaving of the back of the head. The upper strands are laid with the help of a characteristic lifting and subsequent fixation;
  • unisex with long bangs and short side parts;
  • tomboy with shaved temples. Side areas are made smooth or complemented by original patterns
  • hedgehog — involves cutting strands at the same ultra-short level throughout the head.

very short haircuts for womenstylish short women's haircutsshort haircuts for women

Women’s fashionable haircut for medium length

The preference of girls is universal hairstyles suitable for different situations. Meets the requirements of a fashionable women’s haircut for medium hair:

  1. A square or bob is made with a clear straight cut, with a raised nape. A deliberately careless option is allowed — blunt bob.
  2. The Japanese hairstyles mallet and hime have earned the recognition of fashionistas. A characteristic feature is the shortening of the strands in the crown area and the lengthening at the bottom.
  3. Torn and graduated cascading options are popular: ladder, she-wolf, Italian, rhapsody.

women's fashionable haircut for medium lengthfashionable women's haircut for medium hairtypes of women's haircuts

Fashionable women’s haircuts for long hair

Owners of luxurious curls will be able to demonstrate the beauty of the strands. For them, types of women’s haircuts for long hair are intended:

  • with a clear straight cut. Suitable for thick heavy shiny strands;
  • «Fox’s tail». Assumes a spectacular cutting out from behind. The hair tapers towards the central part in the form of a triangle;
  • variations of cascading layered hairstyles, which are made milled or graduated depending on the structure of the hair.

fashionable women's haircuts for long hairtypes of women's haircuts for long hairyouth women's haircut

Women’s haircuts with bangs

Adding hairstyles with certain details will help correct the flaws in appearance. Fashionable women’s haircuts with bangs are offered in the following variations:

  1. For owners of the correct oval, both short and long versions are suitable. The detail is created in a clear straight or oblique version.
  2. Women’s haircuts with long bangs can visually correct a high forehead. The detail will balance the proportions of the triangular face.
  3. A win-win solution is an asymmetrical bang that fits any shape. The detail successfully complements a round or square face.
  4. The trendy option is a “curtain” bang that splits into two sides. The elements are not suitable for girls with a high forehead, which must be completely hidden.

women's haircuts with bangswomen's haircuts with long bangswomen's haircuts by face type

Women’s haircuts without bangs

If you want to focus on the merits of appearance, certain hairstyles are suitable. These are fashionable women’s haircuts without bangs:

  • ultra-short version — hedgehog, in which all strands are created the same length;
  • square or bob with an even cut or lengthening with a raised nape;
  • ladder, involving cutting side strands;
  • a cascade without bangs, in which layering is created mainly in the lower part;
  • hairstyles with medium or long hair, separated by a straight or side parting.

women's haircuts without bangsfashionable women's haircuts without bangsmodel female haircut

Women’s haircuts for thin hair

Creating a hairstyle on rare strands requires compliance with the nuances. Women’s haircuts for thin hair without styling are made taking into account the following points.

  • correct length. Suitable for short and medium versions to the shoulders. It is recommended to refrain from long options;
  • graduation. Layering is provided for pixie, cascade. Sections are made clear, without thinning, thinning strands;
  • a raised nape gives splendor in this area. Reception is typical for a square, a bean;
  • wolf cut can give visual volume. When creating a hairstyle, cutting is provided at the top of the head.

women's haircuts for fine hairwomen's haircuts for thin hair without stylingfemale pixie haircut

Women’s haircuts for curly hair

Owners of curly curls face difficulties when choosing a hairstyle. Stylish women’s haircuts will help to cope with the problem:

  1. Thinning is contraindicated for owners of curls. It is worth refraining from strongly shortening the strands, since they tend to «jump».
  2. Of the short options, a pixie is recommended, a “hat” with an elongated top.
  3. The bob looks good, both with a raised nape and with an even length.
  4. A mallet is suitable, the creation of which provides for deliberate negligence.

women's haircuts for curly hair  stylish women's haircutswomen's haircuts without bangs

Women’s haircuts for thick hair

Dense heavy strands need thinning, giving lightness. Beautiful women’s haircuts will help to cope with the task:

  1. A good solution is layered options created using thinning. This is a cascade, she-wolf, Italian, rhapsody.
  2. A classic square, a bean can be processed by making torn ends. Hair will become lighter, it will be better to “lie down”.
  3. In the milled version, it is allowed to create pixies. Ragged processing is applied along the entire length.

women's haircuts for thick hairbeautiful women's haircutshaircut you don't have to style

Women’s bob haircut

Certain hairstyles are characterized by versatility. These are modern women’s bob haircuts, performed on strands of short or medium length:

  1. It is allowed to create a hairstyle on both thin and thick curls. In the first case, clear cuts are recommended, in the second — thinning.
  2. The back of the head is cut with the same strands compared to the front. Another option is created raised «on the leg».
  3. Oblique elongated bangs on one side will give an asymmetrical effect.
  4. Visual splendor will provide graduation. Layering will help correct facial imperfections.
  5. Creative fashionistas will appreciate the option with a shaved temple.
  6. The bob-car is popular, going for lengthening in the front.

bob haircut for womenmodern women's haircutsfashionable women's haircut for medium hair

Women’s undercut haircut

Bold fashionistas strive to emphasize individuality. Creative short women’s undercut haircuts will help to cope with the task:

  1. The peculiarity of the hairstyle is cutting out the occipital and lateral parts. From above it is allowed to leave both shortened and elongated strands.
  2. Undercut requires regular updates to keep it in shape.
  3. Hairstyle is allowed to create even on long curls. If necessary, the image varies when shaved temples and the back of the head are covered with strands.
  4. Asymmetry is allowed when the bulk is combed to one side. In this case, cutting is performed in a certain side part.

undercut women's haircutcreative short women's haircutsvery short haircuts for women

Women’s wolf cut haircut

The recognition of fashionistas was won by a hairstyle that came from Japan. The female wolf haircut resembles another popular version, the mallet, in terms of cutting technique, but differs in details:

  1. Masters recommend doing a haircut on the length of the hair to the shoulders or below. The main task is to embody a deliberate mess.
  2. A classic hairstyle involves shortening the crown and lengthening the lower strands.
  3. Wolf cut will give visual volume to thin and weakened hair. For owners of thick curls, milled options are suitable.
  4. A combination with a straight or asymmetrical torn bang is allowed. The shortening of the front strands near the face in the form of a «ladder» is welcome.

wolf cut female haircutfemale wolf haircutfashionable women's haircuts with bangs

Women’s pixie haircut

Girls appreciated hairstyles that require minimal styling and endowed with a rejuvenating effect. Women’s short pixie haircuts have the following design variations:

  1. The classic involves cutting out the temples and the back of the head, creating a lush multi-layered “hat”.
  2. There is a more elongated version of the pixie, when the side parts reach the earlobe.
  3. The choice of bold fashionistas is a women’s haircut with shaved temples. Reception is suitable for owners of the correct oval.
  4. The elongated bangs that fit on one side will visually correct the shortcomings.

female pixie haircutwomen's haircut with shaved sidesshort haircuts for women

Women’s haircut «cascade»

For busy fashionistas who do not want to spend a lot of time styling, multilayer options will be a godsend. Cascading women’s shoulder-length haircut is characterized by the following details:

  1. The strands are made shorter at the back of the head and lengthen downwards.
  2. It is acceptable to give the hair a torn effect or create tips using even cuts. Cutting depends on the structure of the strands.
  3. The cascade differs from the ladder in that the strands are processed not only at the face, but also around the entire perimeter.
  4. The classic hairstyle is characterized by blurry boundaries between tiers.
  5. The light version involves the creation of an elongated top layer of hair, the total length is almost the same. The opposite trend is a high cascade, in which the top of the head rises.
  6. The double option involves the creation of a fluffy hat and a lower milled layer.

fashionable women's haircuts for long hairwomen's shoulder length haircutwomen's haircut cascade


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