Women's hairstyles - a selection of the most stylish, current images

Every girl wants to have a beautiful and fashionable haircut. In order to always remain spectacular, you need to follow the current trends that represent women’s hairstyles. The stylists tried to make the styling varied.

Types of women’s hairstyles

Properly selected fashionable women’s hairstyles will harmoniously complement the image. It is worth considering the main options that are popular among women:

  • bean. A versatile haircut that emphasizes the dignity of the face. An ideal choice for women of all ages with different hair types. If the strands are curly, it is recommended to take the choice carefully;
  • square. The best choice for lovers of classic style. Caring for a square is extremely simple;
  • pixies. A versatile variety that presents women’s hairstyles that look stylish. Helps save time on daily styling;
  • garcon. Elegant styling that emphasizes the fragility of a woman. Looks nice and neat. Doing such a haircut is not recommended for ladies with a round or full face;
  • elongated caret. A good option for medium hair, however, strands need to be styled daily;
  • cascade. Suitable for girls who have hair below their shoulders;
  • session. Haircut has become a real classic, undemanding to care and styling;
  • ponytail. Popular universal styling, appropriate in any situation;
  • beam. A fashionable variety that looks good in combination with different looks;
  • braid. Ladies’ favorite classic that looks elegant;
  • retro waves. Ideal for those who want to look like Hollywood stars.

types of women's hairstylesfashionable women's hairstylesbeautiful women's hairstyles

Women’s hairstyles for long hair

Refinement and sophistication are characterized by women’s long hairstyles, presented in the following variations:

  • with shortened front strands. A good option for girls who are looking for a change, but do not want to cut their hair too much;
  • Fox’s tail. A classic that has been forgotten. To create a styling, you need to cut your hair in a v-shape. Perm is allowed;
  • small curls. Graceful curls look spectacular on long hair, giving beauty;
  • female Greek hairstyles. Appropriate in different situations and look beautiful;
  • all kinds of tails that are allowed to be made high or low. Tails with curled strands look beautiful;
  • raised braids. Neat feminine styling that is suitable for all kinds of events.

women's hairstyles for long hairwomen long hairstylesmost beautiful women's hairstyles

Women’s hairstyles for medium hair

A variety of design variations are presented for women’s hairstyles of medium length:

  • a bun that is made careless or neat, depending on the preferences of the girl. It does not require a lot of strength or special hairdressing skills;
  • tail. One of the popular styling, which can be easily done on your own;
  • romantic braids. They look elegant and beautiful, they are not difficult to create;
  • loose hair that can be straightened or curled;
  • Greek styling, which can be supplemented with beautiful hairpins or wreaths.

women's hairstyles for medium hairwomen's hairstyles by type of face

Fashionable short women’s hairstyles

For owners of strands of small length, women’s hairstyles for short hair are designed:

  • pixies. An excellent haircut for lovers of outrageous and extreme sports. The variation with shaved temples looks spectacular and extraordinary;
  • bob-car. Popular styling that looks great on both straight and wavy curls;
  • women’s hairstyles with asymmetry and graduation. A fashion trend that women love. With the help of styling it is allowed to create mysterious and unusual images;
  • page and session. French varieties, which make the lady elegant and feminine, emphasize the beauty of the eyes;
  • hat and garcon. Short haircuts that help create a perky or daring look;
  • hedgehog. A daring variation that is ideal for women who love to experiment.

fashionable short women's hairstyleswomen's hairstyles for short hairwomen's hairstyles for an oval face

Women’s hairstyles for a full face

Careful selection requires women’s hairstyles for a wide face. Experts recommend paying attention to the following options:

  • cascade. It looks interesting and is ideal for obese women. With the help of styling, it is allowed to visually stretch the face;
  • bean or A-bean. Such women’s hairstyles according to the type of face with fullness always remain in fashion. They do not need to be looked after daily and laid for a long time;
  • square. The length is preferably reaching the chin or slightly below to disguise full cheeks;
  • pixies. A good option for both women with thick and thin strands. Haircut needs frequent adjustment;
  • elongated bob. It is important to observe layering in order to look feminine.

women's hairstyles for a full facewomen's hairstyles for a wide facewomen's hairstyle for a round face

Women’s hairstyles for a round face

A well-chosen female hairstyle for a round face shape will present the girl in a winning light and correct the shortcomings:

  • bob and bob-car. The best options for a round face. The parting is not straight, but lateral;
  • square. When creating, it is recommended to wind the curls. Reception helps to give the face an oval shape;
  • cascade. It is allowed to add volume to the hair and mask imperfections in the area of ​​the cheeks, chin and neck. A great option for thin and weak hair, which is given extra volume;
  • ladder. Gives femininity and improves features, reduces cheeks.

women's hairstyles for a round facewomen's hairstyles for a wide facewomen's hairstyle for a round face

Women’s hairstyles for an oval face

Women’s hairstyles for an oval face shape are easily selected, since it is considered universal. The following varieties are on trend:

  • bob and bob-car. Helps, if necessary, to disguise a too long chin;
  • square. Visually smoothes wide cheekbones. It is recommended to pay attention to the classic, torn or asymmetrical version;
  • pixies. It is done exclusively on short hair. When creating, it is important to profile the tips with high quality;
  • ladder. The best choice for girls with an oval face.

women's hairstyles for an oval facewomen's hairstyles for medium hairwomen's hairstyles for oval faces

Women’s hairstyles for a thin face

The necessary visual fullness will be given by a well-chosen female hairstyle for a narrow face:

  • layered variations of medium length are considered ideal. For example, a ladder to the shoulders with strands falling on the face;
  • the cascade will help round the face if necessary;
  • it is worth paying attention to lush styling, so as not to focus on a narrow face;
  • bangs are made straight and slightly covering the eyebrows;
  • women’s hairstyles are allowed to be complemented with elegant hair accessories. At the same time, they are selected large and bright.

women's hairstyles for thin faceswomen's beautiful easiest hairstyleswomen's hairstyle for a narrow face

Women’s hairstyles for curly hair

It seems to the owners of curls that it is difficult to choose beautiful women’s hairstyles. However, stylists offer varieties that will provide an opportunity not to limit yourself in the manifestation of fantasy:

  • cascading haircuts. A good choice for owners of a round face;
  • hide a sharp chin is allowed with an elongated bean or square;
  • women with triangular faces are better off opting for a bob, square or garcon;
  • asymmetrical and layered haircuts are suitable for a square face.

women's hairstyles for curly hairbeautiful women's hairstylesfashionable women's hairstyles

Women’s hairstyles for a wedding

To complete the festive look, women’s wedding hairstyles are important:

  • ponytail. Looks beautiful in combination with wavy strands;
  • feminine bun, which can be supplemented with all sorts of accessories;
  • long flowing hair combined with exquisite jewelry;
  • varieties in the Greek style. Appropriate for a formal event. It is allowed to add a wreath or decorations with flowers;
  • retro curls. Look feminine and elegant;
  • wedding styling with braids. It is allowed to leave part of the hair loose.
  • women’s hairstyles for the holiday with curls that look beautiful on long hair.

women's hairstyles for the weddingwomen's wedding hairstyleswomen's hairstyles for the holiday

Women’s pompadour hairstyle

The pompadour hairstyle will bring fresh notes to the image:

  • the undoubted advantage is ease of execution, although outwardly the styling looks complicated;
  • it is allowed to do styling on hair of any length and structure;
  • it is ideal for round, oval and triangular face types and smooths out imperfections. Laying is contraindicated for girls with a narrow elongated face or a large forehead;
  • «Pompadour» looks perfect with bright coloring, ombre and highlighting. It is allowed to paint one or two strands in an unusual color to give a bright effect.

women's pompadour hairstylepompadour hairstylewomen's hairstyles for short hair

Women’s hairstyle «hedgehog»

An option for brave girls seeking to show originality is a short female hedgehog hairstyle:

  • on a graceful female head, she looks both bold and cute at the same time;
  • meaning is to get rid of the length as much as possible. However, it is allowed to wear it with long strands, having shaved the temple or both, or add curls on the side or on the back of the head;
  • of the minuses — all skin imperfections will be evident;
  • «Hedgehog» is ideal for owners of expressive features and the correct oval, as it will emphasize beauty. For young ladies who are not sure of their impeccability, it is better to refrain from this option.

female hairstyle hedgehogshort female bob hairstylefashionable short women's hairstyles

Women’s hairstyle «hat»

A popular and interesting variety is a female hairstyle “under the cap”:

  • the haircut is universal and suitable for owners of different types of appearance, it is allowed to combine styling with any hair color, change according to mood;
  • the haircut will constantly have to be adjusted to look beautiful;
  • you should refrain from such a version with a round face shape.

fashionable women's hairstyleswomen's cap hairstyletypes of women's hairstyles

Women’s tomboy hairstyle

A charming interpretation that brings daring and perky notes to the image is the female tomboy hairstyle with bangs:

  • this variation is ideal for young ladies who have a hooligan and rebellious character. Often a haircut is done on short hair, but it is allowed to try on medium or long hair;
  • obligatory components — asymmetry, torn careless strands, open nape and whiskey;
  • «Tomboy» looks great on thin women.

women's tomboy hairstyle with bangsfemale tomboy hairstylefashionable women's hairstyles

Women’s hairstyle «dudes»

Stilyagi is a subcultural trend that was fashionable until the sixties. The most beautiful women’s hairstyles are back in fashion:

  • lush bouffant. The more volume applied during creation, the better;
  • curls and curls. Options for fashionistas who value romance;
  • ponytail. The classic version of dudes is a curled ponytail and a bouffant in front.

women's hairstyle dudesmost beautiful women's hairstyleswomen's hairstyles for the holiday

Women’s hairstyles «anime»

The well-deserved recognition of fashionistas was won by Japanese women’s hairstyles, made in the style of «anime»:

  • if the hair is long, it is allowed to make a hairstyle in the style of «Sailor Moon». To implement the original styling, two ponytails with «donuts» are created;
  • a ponytail with colored strands looks spectacular on long hair;
  • on short hair, it is allowed to make a chaotic styling, simply by dishing out the strands;
  • a hedgehog hairstyle is allowed, this variety is bold and catches the eye. In the back of the head, the hair is combed up and fixed;
  • young ladies prefer to make two small bunches located high on the sides. The rest of the strands are allowed to be left loose.

female anime hairstylesjapanese women hairstyleswomen long hairstyles

Women’s hairstyle «kare»

A unique haircut, which presents women’s beautiful lightest hairstyles, is a bob. Styling does not go out of fashion and is versatile. Stylists note such variations in performance:

  • classic caret. The best solution for ladies with regular facial features. Suitable for women with an oval or rectangular face, thick hair;
  • elongated caret. Helps to refresh the haircut and keep the length the woman needs;
  • bob-car. Differs in elongated strands around the face;
  • square on the leg. Opens the neck and adds charm and sophistication.

women's bob hairstylewomen's beautiful easiest hairstyles

Women’s hairstyle «curtains»

The original interpretation, which presents women’s hairstyles with bangs, is a haircut, complemented by a bang in the form of a curtain:

  • detail visually enhances the volume of hair from the roots. «Shtorka» is somewhat vintage, but it amazes with beauty and showiness.
  • an elongated «curtain» is concentrated in one part or evenly distributed on two sides. Bangs are suitable to correct certain imperfections;
  • to create a “curtain”, an insignificant part of the strands is used, making the bangs thin and translucent;
  • another variation of the performance is a thick bang, for cutting which a lot of hair is taken.

women's hairstyles by type of facewomen hairstyle curtainswomen's hairstyles with bangs

Women’s pixie hairstyle

In youth fashion, women’s hairstyles with shaved temples are in demand, a popular variation is pixie:

  • short and elegant hairstyle quickly gained popularity after its appearance. The haircut exposes the neck and temples, involves the creation of strands of different lengths and layering;
  • for greater beauty and showiness, it is allowed to paint the strands in bright colors. Even on thin hair, the haircut looks great;
  • shaving of the temples is created barely noticeable or becomes pronounced when the temples are made raised and greatly shortened.

women's beautiful easiest hairstylesfemale pixie hairstylewomen's hairstyles with shaved sides


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