Yellow nail design - 36 photos of the most

Bright, cheerful and energetic yellow nail design gives its owner incredibly positive emotions and noticeably cheers up everyone around her. Due to the variety of shades of this color scheme, it can be very catchy or somewhat faded, however, no less expressive.

Yellow nail design 2018

This year, yellow nail design has become one of the most popular and sought after. At the same time, preference is given to the brightest shades of this cheerful color scheme, among which lemon yellow stands out in particular. Meanwhile, for work and everyday wear in 2018, you can choose more subdued options.

Among all the variations, the most popular this season are the following:

  • poisonous lemon manicure, mostly plain. Meanwhile, some nail art masters complement this nail art with a neat pattern on one accent finger, for example, a cut of a citrus fruit will look very good here;
  • moon manicure, the main surface of the plates in which is designed in yellow colors, and the area of ​​u200bu200bthe holes is covered with black gel polish;
  • nail design 2018, yellow jacket, which looks bright, cheerful and positive;
  • bee nail art. An incredibly stylish and youthful manicure looks like a honeycomb or with funny bees in yellow and black colors, which this year has gained unprecedented popularity among young ladies;
  • nail design, lilac with yellow. Charming spring variation for everyday wear;
  • velvet gradient;
  • monochromatic matte finish;
  • different abstract motifs and images.

yellow nail design 2018nail design 2018 yellow french

Yellow design on short nails

Short nails in sunny and cheerful colors look simply charming. If a bright shade is used to cover them, do not overload nail art with decorative elements. Meanwhile, this rule does not apply to pale yellow gel polish — it goes well with a large number of rhinestones and shiny pebbles, acrylic powder and other types of decor.

In 2018, one of the most trendy options is yellow and black nail design, which looks incredibly bright, attractive and exciting. In addition, this color scheme can be easily combined with shades of green of varying degrees of intensity and a magnificent white finish. The decor for such nail art can be small drawings that do not require much space, medium-sized volumetric elements, lace and openwork patterns, or longitudinal lines that visually make the claws longer.

yellow design on short nailsyellow nail design 2018

Yellow design for long nails

Trendy nail design 2018, in which yellow is the main color, looks great on long nail plates. Meanwhile, not too bright shades of this color scheme are recommended to be supplemented with ornate and intricate patterns that will make nail art much more interesting, beautiful and impressive.

So, the yellow design of long nails remarkably echoes such types and techniques of manicure art as:

  • negative space;
  • lace and openwork patterns;
  • geometric shapes and elements;
  • stripes and zigzags;
  • french and moon manicure;
  • a combination of glossy and matte finishes;
  • highlighting accent fingers with thematic drawings;
  • color-block technique and mosaic, preferably on accent fingers.

yellow design for long nailsnail design 2018 yellow color

Yellow nail design

Gorgeous yellow nail polish design is perfect for hot summer days. He quickly cheers up, gives positive emotions and instills self-confidence in a fashionista. Today, yellow nail design can be found on the hands of beautiful women, not only in summer, but also at any other time of the year, including cold winters. A variety of options for such nail art gives each young lady the opportunity to choose a manicure for any life situation.

yellow nail design

Yellow nail design

yellow nail polish design

Yellow nail design with rhinestones

A luxurious and sophisticated yellow nail design with rhinestones will easily fit into the atmosphere of the celebration. It will look especially good as part of an informal event, for example, a birthday party for a young lady. In addition, a small amount of shiny pebbles, both transparent and colored, can decorate everyday manicure.

Depending on the individual preferences of the fashionista, the yellow nail design can be supplemented with a large number of rhinestones scattered in a chaotic manner, or decorated with several pebbles located on the accent fingers. As a rule, in this case, a certain pattern is laid out from rhinestones or the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole is decorated.

yellow nail design with rhinestones

Yellow nail design with a pattern

A spectacular nail design in yellow tones can be supplemented with a thematic pattern that will give it a certain mood. The trend of the last few years has been the decoration of nail plates with such pictures as:

  • flowers, buds, twigs and leaves;
  • funny little animals or cartoon characters;
  • simple and concise print — dots or stripes;
  • abstract motifs, strokes of paint;
  • birds, butterflies and insects;
  • variations on the bee theme.

yellow nail design with pattern

Nail design yellow with silver

An exquisite silver nail design on a yellow background will definitely draw attention to its owner, however, you need to be extremely careful with it. So, an excessive amount of silver decor can make a manicure defiant, and the image as a whole is vulgar and tasteless. At the same time, small inclusions of silver, on the contrary, will make nail art simply charming.

Professional stylists advise the fair sex to take into account an important nuance — yellow nail design with silver decor goes well only with natural silver jewelry. Luxurious gold items, as well as inexpensive jewelry in this way will be out of place.

nail design yellow with silver

Yellow nail design with flowers

The cheerful yellow color scheme for many girls is associated with the warm season, as well as all kinds of images on a floral theme. For this reason, these two types of nail plate decoration look great together, and there are an unusually many variations of their combination. So, a monochromatic coating can be decorated with small flowers on each finger, an unusual jacket with a yellow smile line can be complemented with a beautiful sunflower on accent nails, and a bright yellow and pink nail design can be decorated with charming daisies.

yellow nail design with flowers

yellow french nail design

French manicure, in the creation of which a sunny color shade was used, looks very organic. Such nail art can be unusually bright or, on the contrary, calm and muffled. Depending on the situation and skin color, stylists advise young ladies to try the following options:

  • dark-skinned brunettes are great with a yellow nail design with a black jacket, while fair-skinned blondes are better off choosing a similar combination with a snow-white coating or a classic jacket with a pale yellow smile line;
  • for publication or a solemn event, such a French manicure can be supplemented with painting, monograms, lace patterns and other elements;
  • A very current trend of the last few years is to apply a charming bow to the tip of one or more nails.

yellow french nail design

Yellow nail design with rubbing

After using the rubbing, the manicure acquires a completely unusual appearance — a mother-of-pearl shine appears in it, a play of color shades, cold and warm overflows, and even a “chameleon” effect. Among the types of rubbing, which shade nail art in yellow colors better than others, it is worth noting gold. Silver rubbing also looks good, however, it requires the presence of cold tones in the decor of the nail plates. For example, she can be a great choice for a girl who has chosen a gray and yellow nail design for herself.

yellow nail design with rub

Yellow Glitter Nail Design

Stylish and attractive sequins have long been an integral part of evening nail art. On the eve of New Year’s Eve and other solemn events, a huge number of the fair sex choose for themselves different types of manicure, complemented by golden or silver sparkles. In addition, recently this type of decor has been actively used in everyday life.

A spectacular nail design with a bright yellow color does not require a lot of sparkles, as it looks very catchy and somewhat defiant in itself. When choosing this option, it is optimal to decorate only 2-3 accent fingers with sparkles, and leave all the rest without decor. If the girl gave her preference to a manicure in muted colors, you can decorate all the nails with sparkles, this combination will not be vulgar or overly pretentious.

yellow glitter nail design

Acid yellow nail design

Excessively catchy bright yellow nails, the design of which looks somewhat defiant, are not suitable for all girls. Such a manicure goes well only with tanned skin and mostly dark hair. In addition, an acid yellow coating may be appropriate only in the hot season, while in the winter and demi-season period it will be completely inappropriate.

acid yellow nail design

Yellow matte nail design

The matte finish makes bright shades much more calm and muted, so even the bright yellow design of long nails does not look defiant with it. Although this variation is less spectacular than glossy, it is much more versatile — matte nail art can easily fit not only into an evening look, but also into an everyday look, including a business woman.

Although matte manicure is extremely popular with girls and women, it has a serious drawback. So, this type of coating exposes all existing defects in the nail plates, so it should be abandoned if there are bumps, roughness, cracks, and so on. In some cases, such flaws can be hidden by combining various techniques and color shades. For example, a yellow and black nail design can save the day and make women’s hands look much more attractive.

yellow matte nail design

Nail design yellow with blue

Various shades of yellow work well with other colors, making it possible to create bright and eye-catching nail art looks. One of the most interesting combinations they make is with the blue color scheme and its many variations. This combination is suitable for absolutely all women and, moreover, looks very stylish.

A beautiful nail design blue with yellow or similar nail art with blue is best made on the basis of “cold” shades — fawn, straw, sand, light lemon, golden and others. More “juicy” notes, for example, amber, mustard, saffron, apricot, gold with a metallic effect and others, have a warm undertone and are not “friends” with cold ones so well.

nail design yellow with blue


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