Yellow nails, design - a selection of the best and brightest manicure solutions

Yellow nails, the new season’s design, are stylish and wonderful manicure options in catchy shades, perfect as a great addition to many vacation looks. Intense and delicate nails are in fashion, both in a single-color design, and with various non-trivial patterns and various additional decorations.

Yellow nail design 2019

The yellow nail design is striking in its diversity, because the fashion of the coming spring-summer season will have diverse solutions with all sorts of patterns. Considering that the trend is a tribute to the hit retro — plain nails, animal and floral prints, stylish geometry and graphics, abstraction and plot drawings of various subjects are still in demand. Strass inclusions, silver and golden glitter can be safely attributed to additional designer decor.

yellow nail design 2019

Yellow nails, beautiful design of 2019 — this is a beautiful manicure in sunny colors, successfully diluted not only with rhinestones and glitter, but also with interesting motifs, insects and graphic clear or abstract lines. This option will be an excellent and excellent addition to many democratic and youthful street style looks, especially during the holiday period, when everything bright and catchy becomes relevant in order to effectively stand out against the general background.

yellow nail design

Nail design for yellow short nails

A simple yellow manicure on the natural length of the nail plate attracts attention with its incorruptible charm, because seasonal hits include options with delicate accents on one or two fingers, which bring notes of sophistication and elegance to the overall selected image. For young and daring fashionistas, leading nail art masters offer interesting solutions with cartoon characters and a combination of patterns, for example, dots, and funny faces in two or even three colors. Great combination: white, yellow and gray, blue, red and white, black, yellow and white.

nail design for yellow short nails

Yellow nails, stylish design 2019 is a beautiful manicure in a bright rainbow dominant tone and in a pastel version, both plain and with additional designer decor. An excellent choice for every day and not only — an interesting design with gold, red, blue or silver kamifubiki, which are applied as an accent on one or two nails. This solution fits perfectly even into laconic everyday life, bringing notes of enthusiasm and sunny color into it.

simple yellow manicure

Yellow design for long nails

Bright yellow nails, a design for every day during the holiday period for brave and young fashionistas — a non-trivial solution with an interesting pirate storyline, with spiders, skulls and rhinestones on the square shape of the nail. Also at the peak of popularity is a floral pattern with diverse insects, drops of dew or rain in two and three colors, which looks great on a long oval. These variations will be a great addition to many everyday youth bows and more.

yellow design for long nails

Yellow nails, design for elegant fashionistas, is a stylish multi-colored option with a geometric print, which is applied on two nails at will, looks advantageous in a white and black combination with a yellow base coat. If you have to work in the office during the summer and don’t have a very strict dress code, then why not add a splash and richness to the overall look with a bright yellow solid manicure, which is definitely a hit decision this summer.

bright yellow nails design

Yellow Nail Design Ideas

In the new season, a beautiful yellow and gold nail design comes to the fore, which can be done with glitter or rubbing. This manicure wins the hearts of young and mature fashionistas with its interesting look and the fact that the nails can shine and sparkle not only under the bright sun, but also under artificial lighting. The original combination of the main color and golden sheen gives the nails not only a well-groomed appearance, but also a certain nobility and elegance.

nail design yellow with gold

Yellow nails, modern design — this is a lot of non-trivial ideas and stylish drawings. So, in the fashion of this summer there will be patterns made not only by stencil, but also by hand-painted, both in a delicate and in a bright version. This is a lot of solutions that are quite suitable for the vacation period and not only, for example:

  • abstraction and plot drawings;
  • tropics, plant, fruit and floral motifs;
  • geometry and graphics.

yellow nail design ideas

Nail design yellow with black

If you prefer a catchy manicure, then a yellow nail design with black polish, even in a plain version without any decorations, will be a great choice for everyday life and even for creating elegant ensembles. The option with a yellow base and a pattern in black colors also looks great, it can be flowers and insects, diverse figures, lines and ethno ornament.

yellow and black nail design

Yellow nails, a design with a black tone will look great if accents are made in dark color or hit patterns are drawn, for example, oriental-style monograms and curlicues, decorated with rhinestone splashes along the main lines of the pattern, moon or oval of the nail plate. Another great solution would be black and yellow nails, where the dominant color can be applied to black varnish, or, conversely, the main pattern is applied to the yellow background. This manicure is a chic choice for a stylish everyday life and a smart evening.

yellow and black nail design

Nail design yellow with pink

The pale yellow nail design looks great, especially in combination with a soft pink tone, when the effect of a gentle and cute manicure is created, which even suits many business looks. To create a festive version, you can use not only a monochromatic two-color base, but also dilute it with diverse decorations in the form of rhinestones and interesting patterns. You can use geometric patterns or abstract plots, the resulting solution will easily complement romantic and feminine summer bows.

pink and yellow nail design

Hot pink and yellow nails, the 2019 design is a great combination for a rich manicure, full of life and fun colors, perfect for the holidays and suitable for smart casual looks, especially with abstract ethnic ornaments. The idea does not lag behind him and is in no way inferior to him, which uses gentle gradient transitions in a pastel yellow-pink palette, decorated with small and large rhinestones along the moon and the main lines of the pattern.

pale yellow nail design

Yellow nail design with rhinestones

The yellow and green nail design, both in rich and pastel designs, attracts the eye, especially if it is additionally decorated with rhinestones, whether it be single small and large pebbles or beautifully laid out drawings. Also, together with rhinestones, you can use drops to achieve the effect of style and modernize the resulting manicure.

yellow and green nail design

Yellow nails, design with rhinestones — this is a moon manicure of unparalleled beauty, where rhinestones are lined with an interesting pattern in an accent option along the moon on one nail. The solution that combines three colors, yellow, green and white, also looks tempting, where the main pattern in the form of a butterfly is drawn on a white background, and the insect itself is decorated with diverse colored pebbles. These options fit perfectly into many elegant urban chic looks and are quite suitable for mature fashionistas.

yellow nail design with rhinestones

yellow matte nails design

Nail design yellow with a gray tone, as well as with black, is a wonderful color scheme for many occasions, both in everyday life and in evening ensembles. It adds a touch of sophistication and a certain elegance, sensuality and femininity to the overall conceived appearance. In the new season, manicures with geometric abstract patterns, many lines, dots and all kinds of shapes on the diverse length of the nail will be in high demand. In a concise version, a stylish combination will be solid yellow-gray matte nails on short nails.

yellow matte nails designyellow and gray nail design

yellow french nail design

A great choice for lovers of the classics is French and moon nail design yellow with white lacquer, which can be not only in the traditional version, a plain jacket, but also with interesting ideas. The nails in the yellow-white variation will look non-trivial, when the base is taken in a sunny color, and the smile is drawn in snow-white tones, and the emphasis is made on one finger in the form of a fruit pattern. Freshen up your nails and a jacket with a floral pattern, for example, with a sprig of mimosa in yellow shades.

yellow and white nail design

Yellow nails, design 2019 is a stylish French manicure, with additional decor on one or two fingers with plot and other motifs. The youth version with multi-colored ice cream will add joyful notes, and an interesting solution with large elements of flowers or leaves of tropical plants will bring a little elegance to the overall conceived appearance. An excellent choice for mature beauties who are accustomed to luxurious classic manicure.

yellow french nail design

Nail design yellow with red

What bright yellow nail design will be popular in the new summer season?

  1. A wonderful option for every day on vacation or at work will be a monochromatic manicure in red and yellow colors, bright and juicy, it will suit any chosen bow of urban chic. The modern solution does not lag behind him, when a monochromatic coating is applied on one hand, and a diverse pattern is applied on the second.

yellow and red nail design

  1. If you want to make a hit nail art, feel free to choose a two-tone design, complemented by a floral and fruity pattern, powder, shiny sand, or even rubbing on several nails. Lemon or orange slices, or a beautiful large flower will bring a little catchiness and eccentricity to the overall idea.

bright yellow nail design

Yellow glitter nail design

Leading masters in the new season recommend making yellow and silver nail designs that look great on the diverse length and shape of the nail plate. Silver glitter is applied in an accent version on one or two fingers, can be diluted with rhinestones. You can also completely cover the nail with “silver”, or apply it to the lines of the drawing, or succinctly draw abstract geometry.

nail design yellow with silveryellow glitter nail design

Yellow nails design with daisies

An excellent idea, still in demand among fashionistas, is a yellow nail design with blue and white varnish with field and decorative daisies, both large and small. The main pattern can be applied on two fingers, or made in the form of a non-trivial floral jacket. On the nail, experienced craftsmen draw from one large to three or even four small daisies, or draw individual elements of a flower, as you like.

yellow and blue nail designyellow nails design with daisies

Yellow geometry nail design

A wonderful and modern yellow nail design, the geometry is suitable for self-confident business women who are used to being the center of attention even on vacation. The fashion of the new season will include diverse abstract lines and shapes, graphic drawings and a stylish combination of several nail art techniques in one set. The choice of pattern depends on personal preferences and the purpose of the created manicure.

yellow geometry nail designgeometry yellow nail design

yellow cat eye nail design

If you want to make a manicure with a volume effect, choose turquoise with yellow or yellow with brown or golden nail designs. Any combination in a cat’s eye will look great, and experienced craftsmen will be able to create an interesting option, suitable not only for every day, but also for a holiday or vacation. Chic monotony can be diluted with floral and animal prints by drawing a pattern on several fingers.

yellow cat eye nail designnail design turquoise with yellow

yellow gradient nail design

A stylish solution suitable for many occasions is a yellow with indigo, white and black nail design with smooth or contrasting gradient transitions. Ombre is the case when the nails shimmer and play with several iridescent shades at the same time, and two, three and even four color variations can be combined in one set. If you want catchiness, combine with rich tones, and for a gentle manicure, use pastel.

nail design yellow with indigoyellow gradient nail design

Yellow Foil Nail Design

Another seasonal hit is a beautiful yellow nail design, additionally decorated with versatile foil. It successfully complements any chosen manicure, serves as an excellent abstract decor, is transferred to a dried varnish and fixed with a top, like any other pattern. Depending on the type and color of the foil, you can get all sorts of non-trivial patterns, for example, broken glass, and even repeating aquarium technology, if the choice fell on holographic foil.

yellow foil nail designbeautiful yellow nail design


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