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Young fashionistas show creativity when creating bows. A youthful haircut will be a harmonious completion of the image. Hairstyles are created for short, medium, elongated hair. Girls will select options suitable for the shape of the face and appearance.

What does a youth haircut look like?

Stylists tried to meet the requirements of fashionistas by developing hairstyles. Stylish youth haircuts for girls are presented in the following variations:

  • romantic design, characteristic of elongated curls. Masters resort to layering, thanks to which the strands “lie down” better;
  • deliberately careless hairstyles, during the creation of which preference is given to a torn effect;
  • extreme youth haircut, performed by shaving the temples. Reception is allowed on both short and long strands;
  • a classic untouched by fashion. Hairstyles «kare», «bob», «sesson» will suit girls who spend time in the office with a dress code.

what does youth haircut look likestylish youth haircuts for girlsmodern youth haircuts

Youth haircuts without styling

Girls strive to create easy-to-care, but stylish hairstyles. Women’s youth haircuts without styling will help to cope with the task:

  1. Elongated vertical strands will help to visually stretch the face. The design is characteristic of a bean.
  2. Multi-stage options will help smooth out the angularity.
  3. Curly curls are distinguished by disobedience. Refusal of thinning will help to avoid difficulties in laying.

Masters offer fashionable women’s youth haircuts:

  • square. Classic is preferred for dense strands. Asymmetry is suitable for thin hair;
  • pixies. Characterized by cutting the back of the head. The length of the side and front strands is allowed to vary;
  • gavrosh. Facilitate styling asymmetrical bangs and chaotic gradation;
  • bean. Highlights the contours of the face, helps to hide imperfections. The hairstyle does not require regular updating;
  • rhapsody. Created with a short crown. Strands framing the oval smooth out the angularity;
  • cascade. Suitable for both thin and thick hair. Cutting techniques will help add volume or thin out the strands;
  • even cut. The technique will help make the ends of the hair visually dense.

youth haircuts without stylingwomen's youth haircuts without stylingfashionable women's youth haircuts

Women’s youth haircut for medium hair

Girls tend to choose universal hairstyles for every day. Youth haircuts for medium hair will come to the rescue:

  1. An elongated bob does not need frequent adjustments. Even with regrowth, the hairstyle looks harmonious.
  2. Ladder is able to adjust the shape of the face. Side strands are cut from the level of the cheekbones or below. There is no layering in the back.
  3. The cascade is created using different levels. The levels are cut off, starting from the top, and going down.
  4. Cesson — youth French haircut, performed on straight hair. The side strands are cut in a semicircle, frame the face and smoothly move to the back.

women's youth haircut for medium hairyouth haircuts for medium hairfashionable youth haircuts for girls

Youth haircuts for long hair

For owners of elongated curls, stylists have developed hairstyles that emphasize beauty:

  1. An easy way is to create youth haircuts for long hair without bangs with an even cut. Reception will give visual density to the ends of the strands.
  2. The opposite trend is the processing of hair cones with thinning. The ragged effect will thin out thick curls. The strands will «lie down» better. Reception is typical for hairstyles «rhapsody», «wolf».
  3. Multilayer options are suitable — “cascade”, “Italian”, “debut”.

youth haircuts for long hairyouth haircuts for long hair without bangsfashionable youth haircuts

Youth short haircuts

Creativity will help to embody shortened hairstyles. Women’s youth short haircuts are presented in the following variations:

  1. A caret with an even cut or lengthening. A popular option with a raised neck. Reception gives visual splendor.
  2. Garcon — a boyish hairstyle with a careless effect.
  3. «Hedgehog» is suitable for owners of thick strands. Thanks to the short cut, the hairstyle does not need styling.
  4. The pixie is created with the back of the head cut off. The front and side strands are allowed to be made longer.

youth short haircutswomen's youth short haircutswomen's youth haircut

Youth haircuts with bangs

Stylists resort to certain techniques to correct the flaws in appearance. An example is youth women’s haircuts with bangs:

  1. The detail complements both shortened and elongated hairstyles. Bangs are selected when creating a pixie, cascade, square.
  2. A shortened even detail is suitable for girls with a triangular or oval face shape.
  3. If you want to hide a high forehead, they resort to a long thick version.
  4. Oblique and asymmetrical bangs are a good technique that diverts attention from flaws. The detail is suitable for owners of a round and square face.

youth haircuts with bangsyouth women's haircuts with bangsyouth short haircuts

Youth haircut without bangs

The owners of the correct oval prefer to demonstrate an open forehead. Youth haircuts for girls are allowed to do without bangs:

  1. The classic version is a square that extends in front. The execution of the hairstyle does not imply the addition of bangs.
  2. The short flight of stairs is characterized by cutting the side strands near the face. Cutting strands is made at the level of the cheekbones or below.
  3. «Fox tail» — modern youth haircuts, during the creation of which the emphasis is on the back. The master cuts the strands in a triangle, lengthening towards the center. When making hairstyles in front, it is permissible to do without bangs.
  4. Shaggy — when creating a hairstyle, a deliberately careless look is given. Masters take multilayer cutting as a basis. Hairstyle looks harmonious on curly hair.

youth haircut without bangsyouth haircuts for girlswomen's youth short haircuts

Youth haircut for a full face

Stylists resort to techniques that help adjust the shape of the face. Suitable youth haircuts for a round face:

  1. Looks good options with a raised crown. Reception contributes to the visual stretching of the face. An example would be «cascade» or «pixie».
  2. A bob with a raised nape will do. An oblique bang is made in front.
  3. A find will be an asymmetric square. Uneven cutting in the side parts will divert attention from imperfections.
  4. Cascade, the front strands in which it is recommended to cut off at the level of the chin.
  5. The ombre staining technique will help correct imperfections. The transition from dark roots to light tips will hide a wide forehead. The opposite option is suitable to visually reduce chubby cheeks.

youth haircut for a full faceyouth haircuts for round faceswhat does youth haircut look like

Youth haircuts for thin hair

For owners of rare strands, hairstyles are designed that add volume. Options that do not require styling are recommended. Masters offer youth women’s haircuts for thin hair:

  1. A shortened bob or square with a cut without thinning. Reception will give the hair visual density.
  2. textured options. Competently executed thinning will help the curls to “lie down” better.
  3. Cascade. Layering is created by grading. It is recommended to refrain from thinning.
  4. Coloring will add visual splendor. The selection of individual light strands using highlighting is suitable. Another solution is balayazh, during the creation of which the curls are given the effect of burnout in the sun.

youth haircuts for thin hairyouth women's haircuts for thin hairwomen's youth haircut for medium hair

Youth haircuts for thick hair

Dense and stiff strands need thinning. Women’s youth haircut will come to the rescue:

  1. When creating hairstyles, stylists prefer milled options. The technique helps to thin out the strands, gives obedience. The torn effect complements the pixie, cascade, bob-car.
  2. It is recommended to refrain from excessive layering. The level difference becomes pronounced, at a considerable distance from each other. An example is the torn «Italian», «wolf».
  3. An elongation square is suitable, the edges of which are processed using thinning.

youth haircuts for thick hairwomen's youth haircutyouth haircuts for medium hair

Youth haircuts for wavy hair

It is problematic for owners of wavy curls to choose a hairstyle. Youth haircuts for curly hair will come to the rescue:

  1. On a short length, a boyish «garcon» looks. The upper strands, cut off with a “hat”, look harmoniously in the form of curls.
  2. Shaggy is characterized by a deliberately casual look. The hairstyle is combined with a wavy hair structure.
  3. The mullet will be organically complemented by short curly top strands and an elongated nape.

youth haircuts for wavy hairyouth haircuts for curly hairstylish youth haircuts for girls

Women’s youth haircut «square»

Classic hairstyles differ in style. Youth beautiful haircut «square» is presented in the following variations:

  • with a straight cut. Suitable for owners of curls;
  • with thinning. It will help to thin out hard thick strands;
  • with graduation. Gives visual splendor to thin curls;
  • for elongation. Divert attention from completeness;
  • with a raised neck. Gives the missing volume in the back;
  • with asymmetry. Corrects imperfections in appearance.

women's youth bob haircutyouth beautiful bob haircutyouth haircuts without styling

Sports youth haircut

Lovers of an active lifestyle appreciate comfortable hairstyles. There are fashionable youth haircuts made in a sports version:

  1. A half-box is created by shortening the strands at the temples. The addition of a short bang — «hedgehog» is characteristic.
  2. Tomboy corresponds to the unisex style. The hairstyle is complemented by oblique elongated bangs.
  3. Andekrat, during the creation of which the back of the head and sides are cut off “to zero”. The contrast is the long upper strands.
  4. Pixie is associated with a sporty option, especially if it is cut evenly along the entire length.

sports youth haircutfashionable youth haircutsyouth short haircuts

Youth haircut «crop»

Stylists have developed hairstyles for lovers of short hair. An example is a youth haircut «crop» with a long bang:

  1. Characterized by cutting out the back of the head and side parts.
  2. At the top of the head, the hair is processed like a «hat».
  3. The hairstyle is complemented by torn bangs. If desired, the detail can be combed up.
  4. «Crop» looks on slender girls. It is better for owners of magnificent forms to refrain from such an option. Hairstyle will emphasize fullness.
  5. It is allowed to highlight the “hat” in a different color, painting it in a shade that contrasts with the back of the head.

youth haircut cropyouth haircut crop with long bangswomen's youth short haircuts

Youth haircut «curtains»

Stylists follow certain trends to emphasize the dignity of appearance. An example is youth haircuts with bangs — “curtains” for girls:

  1. A shortened version of the hairstyle looks like a «hat». In the front part, the strands break into two halves, creating a semblance of a “curtain”.
  2. The elongated variation resembles a «square». The bangs reach the eyebrows or fall below.
  3. The hairstyle opens the forehead, therefore it is contraindicated for girls with shortcomings in this area.
  4. Asymmetry is allowed when the “curtain” is divided not by a straight line, but by a parting shifted to the side.

youth haircut curtainsyouth haircuts with bangs for girlswomen's youth haircuts without styling

Women’s youth haircut «hat»

Masters resort to certain techniques that give visual volume to the hair. Confirmation is the youth haircut «hat»:

  1. Volume is concentrated at the top. Uniform length is maintained around the entire perimeter.
  2. The back of the head is cut short. There is a design «on the leg».
  3. Sections are made clear straight or made using thinning.
  4. The hairstyle is suitable for owners of an elongated neck. Otherwise, it is recommended to refrain from hairstyles.
  5. «Cap» is created on both straight and curly hair.

women's youth haircut capyouth haircut capmodern youth haircuts

Youth haircut «cascade» for medium hair

Classic hairstyles are also suitable for young fashionistas. Haircut «youth cascade» is presented in various variations.

  1. A characteristic feature is multi-layeredness. Depending on the structure of the strands, the difference between the layers is made small or significant. The first option is suitable for thin hair, the second — for thick curls.
  2. Rigid dense strands are preferably processed using thinning. Otherwise, the grading technique will do.
  3. «Cascade» is made without bangs or complemented by a straight, oblique, short or long detail.

youth haircut cascade for medium hairhaircut youth cascadewomen's youth haircut for medium hair

Women’s youth haircut «pixie»

Girls appreciate hairstyles that do not lose their relevance. An example is youth pixie haircuts:

  1. Uniform cutting along the entire length is allowed. The difference between the back of the head and the upper part is imperceptible.
  2. Another variation of the design is the «pixie» with short-cropped temples and the back of the head. The top is made elongated, constituting a contrast. Hair is allowed to be combed to the side or back.
  3. It will divert attention from the shortcomings of the «pixie» with an elongated oblique bangs.

women's youth pixie haircutyouth pixie haircutsfashionable women's youth haircuts

Korean youth haircuts

Creative girls prefer textured options that create a creative mess on their heads. Fashionable Korean youth haircuts will come to the rescue:

  1. A square with torn ends. To give the desired effect, use a razor.
  2. «Hedgehog» with shaved temples. The upper strands rise up and are fixed with styling products.
  3. Asymmetrical bob or bob with torn bangs. The hairstyle is universal, it will hide the flaws in appearance.
  4. Cascade or ladder with bangs — «curtain». The options will be appreciated by romantic fashionistas.
  5. «Hat» with a front part that splits into two sides. It is allowed to make an even central parting or shifted to the side.

korean youth haircutsfashionable youth haircuts for girlswhat does youth haircut look like


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