Black New Year's manicure - a stylish festive design for nails of any length and shape

Girls who want to add mystery and depth to the image on the main New Year’s holiday will be able to stop at such an option as a black New Year’s manicure. It can be made in different variations: using only one basic shade or combination with different decorative elements or other tones.

Black New Year’s manicure 2020

There are many options for nail art, which presents the New Year’s manicure in black 2020:

  1. Such a color can be diluted with any shades, or black blotches or other patterns can be applied to the background of a different color.
  2. The dark color is considered universal and will suit any tone of clothing or any shape of the nail plate.
  3. To look stylish on New Year’s Eve, you can turn to such options as a jacket, a design with drawings, an original version with rhinestones, a black and gold design or a black and silver coating.
  4. The shade, which acts as the main background, on which drawings, rhinestones and sparkles are applied, looks especially beautiful.
  5. Festive nail art may consist of a combination of the main background and the white and red edge of the nail plate.
  6. When creating nail art, in some cases, a two-color application is used when one or two nails are highlighted.
  7. Lunar nail art can also be presented in this color, and often not a simple hole is created, but a curly one in the form of a triangle or square, the most original options are found in the form of an arrow or heart.

black New Year's manicure 2020New Year's manicure in black 2020

Black New Year’s manicure for short nails

Owners of shortened nails will also be able to choose a stylish dark design:

  1. When creating nail art for short nails, you can refer to a combination of black, gold and silver shades.
  2. The advantage of a simple design, which is represented by a New Year’s manicure in black and gold, is its elegance and restraint. A few fingers are painted in the main color, and a few in a gold tint with a pattern of black lines, which can be done arbitrarily.
  3. Another sophisticated option is the mirrored design.
  4. The ring finger may have a large decoration of multi-colored rhinestones, which will give the manicure a special style.
  5. The dark nail polish with shimmer perfectly complements the light beige base. On the ring finger, you can create a neat openwork Christmas tree.

black New Year's manicure for short nails

Black New Year’s manicure for long nails 2020

Dark design will look amazing on elongated nail plates:

  1. For long nails, you can pick up bright decorations for nails, these are glitter and sparkles. The result will be a unique black New Year’s shiny manicure.
  2. To decorate the nail plates with silver or gold glitter, you can resort to different options. For example, this is a manicure foil — a material that is cut out and glued to the nail in the form of the desired shape.
  3. To create drawings, you can turn to a thin brush or needle, which draws small details and curls.
  4. On long nails, you can apply stickers with which any pattern and pattern is embodied.
  5. There is also the option of using a stencil, this is a cut out drawing you like, which is covered with the desired varnish.
  6. On long nails, shimmering drawings in the form of snowflakes, stars, curlicues and fireworks look amazing, which will convey all the brightness on a black background.

black New Year's manicure for long nails 2020

Black New Year’s manicure almond shape

On the almond-shaped form, you can choose a variety of options in which the New Year’s manicure is presented in black:

  1. The pattern can be laid out with beads in the center at the base of the nail or stripes, geometric patterns and mesh, glitter near the base or at the top of the nail.
  2. The dark and silver color in the gradient will look incomparable, when the silver glow is smoothly replaced by black.
  3. The matte version will be relevant. This design goes well with negative space, glitter of different colors, metallic foil.
  4. The dark color goes well with white, beige nude, metallics of different tones, peach and soft pink.
  5. A dark color can be seen in a new way if you complement it with turquoise, ash gray, blue or smoky blue.

black New Year's manicure almond shape

Black New Year’s manicure sharp nails

Sharp nails look mysterious, especially if you apply a New Year’s manicure with black varnish on them:

  1. This nail art often uses glitter, which can completely cover several fingers or run at the base of each nail plate.
  2. A hole made of one large stone and several small pebbles looks interesting.
  3. The sharpness of the nail can be emphasized with the help of glitter on its tip.
  4. Sharp manicure can be combined with black varnish and burgundy colors.
  5. Nails can be made glossy or as shiny as possible, in the latter case, you can apply a rub applied on top of the base coat. Glitter and overflows additionally emphasize the special shape of the nail plate.
  6. If the owners of pointed nails want to give them elegance, it is recommended to turn to a sophisticated matte finish. At the same time, if rhinestones are present on one or more fingers, they will look especially advantageous due to the contrast created.

black New Year's manicure sharp nails

Black New Year’s Manicure Ideas

Stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas a New Year’s manicure in black, presented in a variety of design variations:

  • on a dark background, patterns lined with gold or silver will look unique;
  • as for combinations with other shades, the black New Year’s manicure looks unsurpassed with red or white;
  • nail art made in a matte finish will become incredibly sophisticated;
  • lovers of restrained images will appreciate the combination with gray;
  • French will be an interesting interpretation of the classics;
  • to give a festive mood I will help large or small sparkles;
  • one of the most popular variations of drawings will be snowflakes depicted on a dark background.

black christmas manicure ideas

Black New Year’s manicure with silver

Black and silver New Year’s manicure 2020 is able to fit into the mood of the festive night as accurately as possible:

  • silver can be sparkles applied to the surface of the varnish in random order or using such a technique as stretching;
  • you can decorate your nails with silver foil, clearly laying out the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole or the tip of the nail plate with it;
  • black silver New Year’s manicure may contain images of snowflakes or frosty patterns.

black New Year's manicure with silver

Black New Year’s manicure with gold

An incredibly rich and luxurious New Year’s manicure will look black with a gold addition:

  • the design is popular when a dark background is taken as the basis, on which openwork golden ornaments are depicted;
  • black golden New Year’s manicure may contain an alternation of two colors, which are located on different fingers;
  • All kinds of drawings corresponding to the theme of this holiday can also be laid out in gold.

black New Year's manicure with gold

Red and black New Year’s manicure

One of the most winning combinations is reasonably recognized as a New Year’s manicure on a black background with a red addition:

  • popular as the alternation of two colors on different fingers, and their combination on one nail plate;
  • it looks interesting jacket or ombre, made in this color scheme;
  • red rhinestones or large sequins will organically fit into the overall design;
  • a black New Year’s manicure may contain any additional decorative elements, for example, snowflakes painted on a dark and red background.

red black New Year's manicure

Black and white New Year’s manicure 2020

Incredibly organic is the black and white New Year’s manicure:

  • the design can be very different: this is a simple alternation of colors, and a marble design, and a jacket, ombre, moon nail art;
  • black New Year’s manicure can be supplemented not only with white, but also with silver, this combination looks very advantageous;
  • certain patterns can be drawn on a dark or white background, for example, this is an image of a dial with arrows approaching 12 o’clock.

black and white New Year's manicure 2020

Black Christmas matte manicure

New Year’s black manicure looks extremely elegant with a design made in a matte finish:

  • the matte background is very favorable for applying all kinds of brilliant patterns; due to the contrast, they look truly unique;
  • black New Year’s manicure can be performed not only in the main tone, but also with the addition of some other color, for example, pastel, which is applied to a specific finger. At the same time, an image of a Christmas tree or other element can be drawn in black on a light background.

black Christmas matte manicure

New Year’s manicure with a black jacket

A very sophisticated solution is a stylish black New Year’s manicure, made in the form of a jacket:

  • the French tip can be drawn on all fingers or only on some, in the latter case, the rest are painted over in black;
  • as for the design, it can be a black and white New Year’s French manicure or combined with any pastel or bright shades. In this case, the tip of the nail plate can be drawn in one or another color;
  • the tip can be depicted in a traditional rounded or made in an original way: in the form of a triangle or a beveled line located on one side.

New Year's manicure with a black jacket

Black and gray New Year’s manicure

An unusual black New Year’s manicure, combined with a gray tint, looks extremely elegant. It is characterized by underlined sophistication and femininity:

  • ombre looks harmonious when black color smoothly flows into gray;
  • not only these two colors can be applied, but also additional ones, for example, pink and black New Year’s manicure is unsurpassed;
  • you can add nail art with all kinds of shiny elements, silver sparkles look very advantageous.

black and gray New Year's manicure

New Year’s manicure with black varnish and sparkles

A unique black beautiful New Year’s manicure can be decorated with sparkles:

  • even sequins applied randomly will look beautiful. At the same time, they can match in size or large and small parts are taken;
  • sparkles can highlight a separate finger or a certain area of ​​u200bu200bthe nail plate, it can be a tip, a hole or a strip laid out horizontally or vertically;
  • the original New Year’s manicure in black may contain a pattern lined with sparkles. For example, this is a glass of champagne, depicted on the ring finger.

New Year's manicure with black varnish and sparkles

New Year’s black manicure with snowflakes

The original New Year’s manicure on black nails can be decorated with snowflakes:

  • the easiest way is to draw these details on a dark background in snow-white color;
  • snowflakes can be lined with small beads;
  • another solution is the image of a snowflake with sparkles, while in the middle you can place a pebble.

New Year's manicure black with snowflakesNew Year's manicure on black nails

Black New Year’s manicure with sparkles

If a black New Year’s manicure is done, sparkles can act as an incredibly harmonious decorative element:

  • a brilliant openwork ornament will uniquely decorate the nail plates;
  • stretching with sequins is often used when they decrease in the direction from one edge to the other. At the same time, most of them can be concentrated both at the base and at the tip of the nail.

black New Year's manicure with sparkles


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