Blue New Year's manicure - 65 photos for nails of any length

A blue New Year’s manicure is a chic solution for the successful completion of an evening and club holiday look, and if you want to stay at home or go to nature for a magical night, then the rich color will come in handy and decorate your hands very nicely. So in any of the options, choosing a beautiful design in this velvet tone, you can’t go wrong.

Blue New Year’s manicure 2020

If you want to make a beautiful New Year’s manicure 2020, blue is an almost perfect choice for any occasion, even if you decide to hide under a warm blanket and drink hot tea for the new year. At the same time, handles should be well-groomed and please you with their design. Saturated and noble, royal, with a velvety sheen, the blue tone is a great find for a festive night and for every day, and diverse patterns will contribute to making your manicure delight you every day.

blue New Year's manicure 2020

One thing should be taken into account for those who carefully follow horoscopes, the rat does not like water, so it is better to refuse water shades of blue. A blue stylish New Year’s manicure is a lot of different solutions with all sorts of intricate and simple, beautiful and concise patterns for winter and holiday themes, however, a single-color design, as a tribute to hit retro, will look great on a diverse length and shape of the nail plate.

New Year's manicure 2020 blue color

Blue New Year’s manicure for short nails 2020

Is it possible to do a dark blue New Year’s manicure on short nails? Stylists give several recommendations so that a rich manicure on ultra-short and short nails does not look defiant and even vulgar. So, the best is:

  • use only high-quality glossy and matte varnishes, apply them in just two thin layers, entrust your fingers to a professional master;
  • use a plain coating or elegant patterns, snowflakes, silver or gold glitter, Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, stars, dots, droplets and rhinestone blotches.

blue New Year's manicure for short nails 2020

Blue New Year’s holiday manicure is a blue New Year’s manicure with snowflakes, gradient transitions, volumetric patterns with braids and bindings, rhinestones and pebbles, story drawings, stickers and inscriptions. All these simple additions to the ideal design will look perfect on a short and natural nail plate, if they are applied carefully and in small quantities, harmoniously distributing the balance between decorations and painting.

blue New Year's manicure for short nails

Blue New Year’s manicure for long nails 2020

New Year’s manicure in blue 2020 is not only a great addition to the planned festive look, but also a way of self-expression, because the rich and noble color has a lot of shades that reflect this or that mood at the moment. In the coming year, this design will be very popular among many women and girls because it gives the nails sophistication and real gloss and charm.

blue New Year's manicure for long nails 2020

A blue New Year’s manicure looks perfect on long nails, and rhinestone patterns and ethno ornaments, oriental-style monograms and curlicues, plot winter drawings and accent highlights of several nails will serve as a great and successful solution for a stylish design. Another blue New Year’s winter manicure on a long nail plate of diverse shapes, such as an oval, square and «ballerina», attracts the eye with its incorruptible charm, especially in combination with elegant gradient transitions and shine.

New Year's manicure in blue tones 2020

Blue Christmas Manicure Ideas

What New Year’s manicure in blue will be at the peak of popularity in the new season on a fabulous night and subsequent holidays?

  1. New Year’s manicure in dark blue with various thematic drawings, hand and screen painting, frosty patterns, snowball, dots, inscriptions and stickers. With gold and silver inserts, rhinestone decorations and pebbles, diverse volumetric figures and powdery braids and openwork bindings, veils and negative space.

blue christmas manicure ideas

  1. Blue New Year’s manicure with stars, with silver and gold polishes, a design that combines several color solutions in one set, blue-white and red-blue version, sophisticated French and Hollywood jacket, solutions with sparkles and rubbing, flawless ombre in diverse tonal combinations, matte and glossy base, and their combination with each other. Although the rat does not like cats, in some cases it is allowed to use a cat’s eye with an elegant addition in the form of rhinestones and elegant patterns.

New Year's manicure in blue

Blue Christmas manicure with silver

New Year’s manicure in blue tones in combination with silver varnish is a chic finishing touch to an evening and club look that will bring additional charm and charm. It will give your hands extraordinary attractiveness and charm even after the holiday, for every day. You can apply silver to the edge of the nail, randomly scatter it over the entire surface, draw thin lines, monograms and curls on any shape of the nail plate.

blue New Year's manicure with silver

A blue New Year’s manicure with a silvery addition is an original and unique design made by experienced nail art masters with whole plot drawings suitable not only for celebrating the New Year, but also for stylish everyday life and other festive occasions. The design will look very tempting with the drawing of thin lines and geometric figures, dots and droplets, ethnic and oriental ornaments, which will become a chic accent in the overall conceived elegant look.

New Year's manicure in blue tones

Blue New Year’s manicure with white

An impeccable and almost classic combination is a blue New Year’s manicure for short and long nails in combination with white varnish. When various patterns and accent fingers are drawn on a light background, both in single and multiple versions. A great idea — applying a blue tone on one hand and white on the other, this nail art looks modern and is a hit of this and the new seasons. You can add a decor consisting of powder, sand, small and large pebbles, laid out both along an oval or in a line, and along the entire nail plate or in the center in the original pattern.

blue New Year's manicure with white

If you want to make a non-trivial option, then feel free to choose a blue New Year’s manicure in combination with white and all its shades, especially milky, pearl, mother-of-pearl and cream. The combination of a blue tone with an ivory halftone diluted with blue patterns, such as snowflakes, frosty abstraction, openwork monograms and curls, will also be in high demand. A special chic is the use of metallic and white foil, gradient and bitmaps.

blue New Year's manicure for short

Blue New Year’s manicure with sparkles

New Year’s manicure in blue with sparkles is the best choice for the holiday, which will sparkle chic under bright lights and club spotlights. With such a design, your pens will definitely not go unnoticed and will be in the spotlight, especially if you add delicate drawings and interesting stickers or diverse original small and large snowflakes and stars to the shine, you can also decorate it with hand-painted.

blue New Year's manicure with sparkles

Another rich and light blue New Year’s manicure, as well as in dark shades with glitter, is an original design made by experienced craftsmen with stunning additional designer decor. The use of sand, powder, glitter, kamifubi and rhinestones will enhance the effect of shine and catchiness. An elegant solution that will be relevant not only on a festive night is a monophonic manicure without a pattern in blue tones with the addition of sparkles randomly scattered throughout the nail plate or on top or bottom of the nails.

New Year's manicure blue with sparkles

Blue New Year’s manicure with rubbing

A blue New Year’s manicure with a design is a stunning option for 2020 for a variety of shapes and lengths of the nail plate, on short nails you can focus on one or two fingers, or apply powder on all nails, and on one — a rhinestone ornament or a beautiful abstract, geometric, graphic or thematic drawing. An excellent choice even for business suits will be a monochromatic choice with a rub on oval and sharp nails, this is a tribute to trendy minimalism and retro, and for those who like to make experimental solutions, a design with an emphasis on several nails is suitable.

blue New Year's manicure with rubbingblue New Year's manicure with design

Blue New Year’s manicure with gold

In the year of the metal rat, everything related to metals becomes relevant, so the New Year’s manicure on a blue background with golden lacquer will become a real hit of the upcoming season and will pleasantly please with its appearance. Experienced nail art masters and stylists advise to make a non-trivial design that combines glitter, mirror rub, glitter, rhinestones and confetti. All shades of the dominant color are perfectly combined with gold, so you can make a manicure that combines several tones at once, decorated with golden inserts and drawings.

blue New Year's manicure with goldNew Year's manicure on a blue background

Blue New Year’s manicure cat’s eye

For lovers of non-trivial bows, stylists offer to make a blue New Year’s manicure for long nails with the effect of a cat’s eye, although the hostess of the year does not like predators and everything related to cats, but no one has canceled successful experiments. After all, you can easily apply interesting thematic drawings to the base, in addition to snowflakes, add frosty hoarfrost and winter abstraction, snow-covered trees and twigs, a Christmas tree and toys, or hand-painted ethno and beautifully lay out rhinestones. You will get a lot of unique ideas, both in Slavic and Oriental styles.

blue New Year's manicure cat's eyeblue New Year's manicure for long nails

Blue New Year’s French manicure

What ideas for a New Year’s manicure in blue can style trendsetters offer so that your fingers immediately become the center of attention of your friends? A chic french design, both French and Hollywood, where a smile can go not only along an oval, but also the moon, be of various shapes, from classic to an envelope, any experiment is in fashion, even an abstract french, traced with patterns and monograms. French nail art looks very nice with curls, a combination of full coverage of the nail plate, with rhinestones, voluminous and winter patterns, with mother-of-pearl and glitter.

blue New Year's French manicureNew Year's blue manicure ideas

Blue New Year’s manicure with red

A stunning choice for a festive night is a beautiful New Year’s blue manicure on a variety of shapes and lengths of the nail plate in combination with red shades, however, you should not forget that the hostess of the next year does not like fire and everything connected with it, so it is better to refuse fiery red . It will be tempting to look at multi-colored solutions on short nails with a gold highlight of the moon, where each nail has its own color. Another great option is decoration in the form of foil, glitter and a stylish geometric pattern, checks, stripes and graphic abstraction.

blue New Year's manicure with redbeautiful New Year's blue manicure

Blue New Year’s manicure with rhinestones

The leader and a true hit during the holidays will be the New Year’s manicure with blue varnish and rhinestone splashes, where the rhinestones are laid out beautifully along the oval, moon, smile, middle, sides and center of the nail plate. They can be randomly scattered over the surface of the nail or stacked in original and chic ornaments, both in oriental and laconic designs. They can be present in a single variant on all nails, or in an accent form on several or only on one or two fingers.

blue New Year's manicure with rhinestonesNew Year's manicure with blue varnish

Blue New Year’s manicure with a pattern

What could be more mysterious and prettier than nail art with a pattern? Only a blue New Year’s manicure with snowflakes, dots, drops, inscriptions and plot-themed drawings, cartoon and fairy-tale characters, mittens, sleds, deer, snow-covered fir trees and other trees powdered with snow, Christmas toys and paws, birds, funny little animals and the symbol of the year. It will successfully dilute any design with glitter and golden or silver varnishes.

blue New Year's manicure with snowflakesblue New Year's manicure with a pattern

Blue New Year’s manicure with ombre

A noble dark blue New Year’s ombre manicure looks great when rich shades, such as black and purple, are combined with each other. A light gradient with red, lilac, white, pink and even green and brown looks very tempting. Golden-blue and blue-silver ombre will be a separate chic. It will be stylish and catchy if you add gentle drawings and bright patterns in the form of geometric shapes, lines and rhinestones to gradient transitions.

blue New Year's manicure with ombredark blue New Year's manicure

Blue matte New Year’s manicure

A real find for extravagant fashionistas is a muted-mysterious dark blue New Year’s manicure in a matte finish, which will bring notes of freshness and romanticism, sophistication and royal tranquility to the overall conceived festive look. The best ideas are abstract patterns, stars and marble veins, thin and graceful all kinds of lines and dots. A combination of droplets, glitter, rubbing and rhinestone inclusions with matte shades of the dominant color.

dark blue New Year's manicureblue matte New Year's manicure


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