how to be perfect

Almost every representative of the fair sex is invariably concerned about the question of how to become an ideal woman? After all, we strive to please ourselves when we look in the mirror, and, of course, to please others. And therefore it is not at all surprising that all women want to become ideal for themselves, and for their husbands, and for friends. I want to feel content with myself. But what is this mysterious ideal that everyone aspires to? On the one hand, it seems that all girls strive for the same thing, but on the other hand, it turns out that the ideal is different for everyone, and the means to achieve it too. But let’s figure out at least in general terms how you can become perfect, and what needs to be done for this.

How to become perfect in everything?

Surely, it cannot be said that the ideal is the girl who can only do one thing well. For example, dress well, or cook well. No, such a girl, if she is really perfect, combines all the positive qualities. She dresses beautifully, and cooks deliciously, and is quite educated, and knows how to behave in society, and be a good wife. Probably, precisely because the ideal combines so many things, for the majority it is unattainable. But, nevertheless, there are many girls who can be safely called ideal. So, let’s take a look at the points, how the ideal girl should look like and what she should be able to do.

Clothes and makeup. First, you need to know how to become perfect in appearance. Of course, this is not the most important thing, but everyone knows that they meet, first of all, by clothes, and then they consider other personality traits. The ideal girl knows how to perfectly dress and do makeup in such a way as to emphasize all her advantages and hide her flaws. And with her appearance, she will undoubtedly charm everyone around her, but most importantly, she will like herself.

Figure and health. Secondly, which is more important for myself personally, the ideal girl should have a beautiful figure. Everyone now knows what an ideal figure looks like, but not everyone is ready to sacrifice a delicious chocolate bar to see it in the mirror. But a girl who strives for the ideal should lead a healthy lifestyle, play sports and be able to deny herself unnecessary desires.

Behavior with others and education. In addition, the ideal girl should be able to behave. Her manners should be honed: a pleasant smile, willingness to help, politeness. And it will come in handy not only at work or on the street, but also at home. In family relationships, not only love or passion should be present — feelings that tend to fade quickly, but also mutual respect. Also, the ideal girl should be well-read and educated — this should not be forgotten, as well as the correct manners.


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