Simple New Year's manicure - 35 photo and video ideas for fashion design

Deciding on the image for the main winter is not so easy, because you want to look more beautiful compared to other days of the year. A simple New Year’s manicure will harmoniously complement the bow, create it for any length of nails. The simplicity of the design lies in choosing the right color and embellishing it with shiny elements.

Simple New Year’s manicure 2020

Many stylists offer New Year’s manicure 2020, the simple design of which is presented in a variety of variations:

  1. This season, green will be relevant, it can be used as the main color or as an addition to other shades.
  2. A simple caramel New Year’s manicure will delight with its soft shade and remind you of the goodies that are on the table during the celebration.
  3. The metallic effect is always welcome in festive design. Precious shine gives a great mood and helps to create a chic nail art.
  4. At first glance, yellow is more suitable for summertime, but in winter there is also a place for such bright images.
  5. The red color looks great even in a monochromatic version and will look extremely festive.
  6. An organic addition can be a pattern that looks like a snowflake or a Christmas candy.
  7. In winter, a blue tint will be relevant, it can be pastel blue, dark blue, and even a combination of blue and black.

simple New Year's manicure 2020new year manicure 2020 simple design

Simple New Year’s manicure for short nails

Owners of neat nails of small length will be able to pick up a short simple New Year’s manicure:

  1. Many girls are wary of complex and intricate designs, they do not want to look ridiculous. The simplest options for short nails are the use of sparkles. In this way, a boring nude can be slightly transformed with the help of sparkles.
  2. Rhinestones can be applied to the nails, they amaze with their soft tints, set off the sophistication of the design.
  3. On short nails, you can play on the contrast of textures. A simple New Year’s matte manicure containing knitted elements is able to unobtrusively attract attention.
  4. A suitable option would be moon nail art.
  5. If you want some kind of drawing, then you can refer to the options for sliders. Such stickers are easy to apply, the protective film is removed and the decorative element is attached to the desired area.
  6. For a short length, a rubbing design can be applied. It can be a mirror, holographic, pearl and gold rubbing, which is created for a festive decor.

simple New Year's manicure for short nails

Simple New Year’s manicure for long nails

Owners of chic elongated nails will be able to make a simple New Year’s manicure on long nail plates:

  1. A win-win and bright option for long nails will be a gradient. This is something that will refresh any color background and add color to it.
  2. Timeless classic will look incomparable on the nails, this is a French design. This option will be suitable for both an office corporate party and a party with friends.
  3. This option is also used: gluing like broken glass.
  4. You can choose a simple New Year’s plain manicure, where one of the fingers is decorated with a thematic pattern.
  5. A smile, snowflakes, Christmas trees, snowmen and bright ethnic motifs are suitable for decoration.
  6. In the design, you can apply the drawing of the main character of the year. It can decorate one or more nails.
  7. This season, flock manicure will be relevant, which will make the nails velvety and fluffy.
  8. Another trend will be nail art with lace patterns, you can also use the sand manicure technique.
  9. Lovers of elegance and classics will turn to marble and moon nail art. You can experiment with combining these two techniques.

simple New Year's manicure for long nails

Simple New Year’s Manicure Ideas

Stylists offer numerous simple manicure ideas for the New Year:

  1. The most common colors will be red, green, gold and white, most nail designs include these shades.
  2. A simple New Year’s manicure with rhinestone jewelry will turn out luxurious.
  3. In the festive theme, cute and bright patterns on the nails will be welcome, these can be bells, ribbons, twigs and all kinds of Christmas tree decorations.
  4. Blue nail art, complemented by snowflakes and snow, will be relevant.
  5. The interpretation on the theme of lollipops looks unique and beautiful.
  6. Gentle French manicure with pastel varnish and rhinestones looks romantic.
  7. Ideas are also represented by the ombre effect.

simple New Year's manicure ideas

Simple and beautiful New Year’s manicure with stickers

Stickers are a great way to create a simple and beautiful manicure for the New Year:

  1. The simplest drawings will be snowflakes and stars, on this day it looks cute and festive.
  2. For more intense images, you can turn to stickers that depict snowmen, Santa Clauses, Christmas trees and shiny balls.
  3. Stickers are applied very simply, a base is applied to the nail, and then a transfer foil with pictures is used. If you don’t want to pile up your nails, then you can stop at the drawings only on the ring fingers.
  4. The picture does not have to be bright, drawings can be monochrome, two-color and schematic.

simple and beautiful New Year's manicure with stickers

Simple New Year’s French manicure

French is associated with the classics and is a simple and beautiful New Year’s manicure:

  1. This design is simple, you can only create a classic smile at the edge of the nail, covered with shiny polish.
  2. In this case, one or two nails can be completely covered with shiny or gold varnish.
  3. A classic jacket can be embellished with simple designs.

simple New Year's French manicure

Simple plain New Year’s manicure

One of the most common ways to make a simple manicure for the New Year is to do it in a single color:

  1. In 2020, white color will be relevant with the addition of other shades. However, there is a feature: a plain simple New Year’s manicure should be applied with caution. For such a design, you need an expensive and high-quality varnish.
  2. White color can also be presented in a matte version. The matte lacquer looks very elegant and will give the fingers an exquisite sophistication and femininity.
  3. When decorating nails, you can add a few rhinestones in a small amount.

simple plain New Year's manicure

Delicate simple New Year’s manicure

Lovers of romantic images will be able to apply a simple nude New Year’s manicure:

  1. French will be the most common option. The main part is covered with a transparent or pale pink varnish, and a white stripe is drawn on the edge.
  2. An interesting option would be to decorate the index or ring finger with a different color.
  3. “Broken glass” can become a delicate design. The nail is painted in pastel or white, and a thin translucent film is attached on top, which plays with all the colors of the rainbow. The film is attached in uneven parts to create the effect of iridescent glass.
  4. Another simple New Year’s manicure is presented in a velvety version. This material is pleasant to the touch and is called flock.

delicate simple New Year's manicure

Bright simple New Year’s manicure

A lot of girls don’t like intricate and complicated ideas as they like simplicity more. But at the same time, the fair sex wants to be bright and memorable. An assistant in this case will be a simple New Year’s manicure with gel polish, made in the following variations:

  1. with sequins. Looks especially impressive in combination with a simple varnish.
  2. Matteplaying on the contrast of textures.
  3. Lunar nail art. Having performed it in bright colors, you can easily and without problems decorate the nail plate.
  4. With stickers. You can stick interesting pictures on several nails, and the image will already sparkle with new colors.
  5. With rubbing: especially mirror, holographic or pearl.
  6. with holes. You can make a stylish simple New Year’s manicure with a «cat’s eye» effect, it looks impressive.
  7. gradient designwhich will provide an opportunity for a bright manicure to sparkle with new colors.

bright simple New Year's manicure

Simple New Year’s manicure with sparkles

A win-win option for this holiday is the simplest New Year’s manicure made with sparkles:

  1. It is worth taking a closer look at the sparkles of such shades as red, green, blue, blue or white, gold.
  2. Sequins can be scattered over the entire area of ​​​​the nail plate, or single out one or two fingers.
  3. You can also decorate with French glitter. For example, nails can be covered with red varnish, and for additional decor, use sparkles in the form of stars.
  4. A beautiful and simple manicure on a New Year’s theme in black with light sparkles looks gorgeous, this design looks magical.
  5. It looks interesting design, which combines blue and silver sequins. This is a New Year’s option, appropriate for the holiday.
  6. If you want to make luxurious and expensive nail art, you should take a closer look at the option in gold tones with sparkles. Silver will do too.

simple New Year's manicure with sparkles

Simple New Year’s manicure with rhinestones

French is a great way to make a very simple New Year’s manicure. It can be made in the following variations:

  • jacket with rhinestones;
  • gentle simple manicure for the New Year with lace patterns and crystals;
  • on long nails, you can apply a plain varnish and use large rhinestones;
  • boldly looks red nail art with rhinestones. He will absolutely distinguish a woman from the crowd;
  • you can perform the ombre technique and supplement it with crystals;
  • for short nails, it is best to choose calm colors and small rhinestones;
  • the painted Christmas tree, decorated with rhinestones imitating toys, looks very interesting.

simple New Year's manicure with rhinestones

Simple black New Year’s manicure

If you want to make a simple New Year’s manicure without a picture or, on the contrary, with an image, then you can do it in black:

  • it can easily be made solemn and interesting. For example, you can make golden lines along the nail plate;
  • the black matte nail plate, complemented by a neat snowflake, also looks good;
  • it’s a good idea to make a design where black fades into white;
  • you can still use all kinds of New Year’s stickers, which are additionally emphasized with rhinestones or sparkles;
  • to make the nails look spectacular, it is recommended to use shimmery foil or glitter in any suitable color.

simple black christmas manicure

Simple New Year’s manicure with gold

Golden simple shiny New Year’s manicure is a great solution for a celebration. It looks truly chic, attracting many looks. Gold nail design ideas are as follows:

  • cover all nails with gold varnish;
  • you can still highlight only one nail with gold;
  • if there is no gold lacquer, you can use gold sparkles;
  • for more interest, you can add different New Year’s stickers to golden nails.

simple New Year's manicure with gold

Simple matte New Year’s manicure

Matte New Year’s manicure, the simple design of which is very interesting, is appropriate in any situation due to its effectiveness and simplicity. In the year of the Rat, you should choose colors such as brown, orange, yellow, silver or gray. You can also use blue, white, red and green. Here are some original ideas:

  1. Lunar nail art in matte varnish. You can even make a transition from one color to another.
  2. French in classic or non-standard colors.
  3. The design looks impressive, complemented by either thematic drawings or abstractions, lace.
  4. Matte manicure looks interesting when one of the nails is highlighted with sparkles.
  5. You can complement this nail design with rhinestones or crystals.

simple matte New Year's manicure

New Year’s manicure with a simple pattern

An extremely original New Year’s manicure, a simple drawing of which will help add a festive mood. Even girls who are not too experienced in this field will be able to complete the following images:

  • Christmas tree with toys;
  • all kinds of snowflakes;
  • different abstract shapes or geometry;
  • you can write New Year’s greetings on your nails;
  • with due experience, you can try to depict the symbol of the year on the nail;
  • you can draw paws on your nails, which looks attractive and interesting.

New Year's manicure with a simple pattern


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