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The beach season is in full swing, and you still haven’t had time to «go on a diet» and sign up for a fitness club? You should not sit back, hiding behind a «bunch of things», go to the store for a swimsuit, and then — to the beach! You need a swimsuit according to the type of figure, which is able to hide flaws and emphasize advantages.

How to choose a swimsuit according to your figure?

Well, if you have an hourglass figure, then you, lucky lady, can wear everything! Do not bother about the model, you just have to choose the color that suits your color type. It’s not so easy for our other readers.

Leotard for pear shape

Feminine «pears» complex about their hips. They are visually wider than the shoulders. For a two-piece swimsuit, the bodice is lighter than the panties. A “bust”, decorated with rhinestones or ruffles, will well distract attention. Push-up is perfect for small breasts.

A joint swimsuit should be bought, focusing on the same principles: dark colors at the bottom and light tops. Widely spaced straps and a horizontal pattern of the bodice will balance the figure.

Avoid: bandeau tops, V-necks, shorts.

Leotard for the figure «apple»

Such women hide their tummy, although they tend to have slender legs and hips. The ideal swimsuit in this case is one-piece. The material should be tight and stretchy. Give preference to a one-color swimsuit or with an insert in the center that has a vertical pattern.

Avoid: open «bellies» and horizontal patterns.

Swimsuit for an inverted triangle figure

The complete opposite of the «pear», as there are narrow hips and wide shoulders. With large breasts, do a distracting maneuver: halter bodice, deep V and U-shaped necklines. Briefs-shorts, panties with a skirt or drapery will expand the bottom very well. It is preferable that the bodice be darker than the «bottom».

Avoid: mini bikini.

Swimsuit for a rectangle figure

The problem with the waist and we will do it! Highlight the hips, focusing on the belt. Panties decorated with ruffles, a skirt, ties will do. Looks good bodice with triangular «cups».

Avoid: contours in the waist area.


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