5 scents for those who love themselves
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Not everyone understands Western holidays, and St. Valentine’s Day is included in this list. No, at school, many people drew hearts and gave them to the boys or girls they liked, it was something like entertainment. But not everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day. Indeed, why can one be in love only once a year, and is it really necessary to come up with an excuse to spend a romantic evening together with champagne and strawberries.

By the way, you can love not only someone, many people forget about self-love. And without it, as they say, people around you will not be imbued. For those who are in love with themselves, we have collected the best new fragrances of this winter, they can be purchased regardless of the date on the calendar. A couple of puffs and you’ll love yourself even more.

Perfume Sweet Lolita Lempicka

Candied cherries, cocoa, musk, iris are not in vain enclosed in an apple-shaped bottle. They imitate the forbidden fruit, which the owner of this fragrance will turn into. And he, as you know, is sweet, and therefore attractive.

Gucci Guilty Love Edition fragrances

A new chapter and a new adventure of Gucci Guilty heroes called Love Edition is also about love. But crazy, mind-blowing.

It seduces her with notes of juicy lemon, orange blossom absolute, French lavender, patchouli and hints of cedar. This hero is similar to Casanova, but monogamous.

It seduces with notes of citrus, violet, geranium, amber and patchouli. It looks impregnable and cold, but with a volcano of passions boiling inside.

Perfume L’eau Pour Homme Intense Vetiver Armand Basi

Temperamental, like a raging ocean, with notes of zesty herbs, citruses, Mediterranean cypress, oriental patchouli and vetiver for real perfume gourmets and hedonists.

Scarlet Poppy Jo Malone London

The fragrance dedicated to scarlet poppy is enclosed in a red bottle. And it’s confusing. In fact, the composition is far from femme fatale. She is very gentle and feminine, like a light haze. Probably because the red poppy is surrounded by notes of barley, tonka bean and figs, which muffle passions a little.

Summer Orchid Stellary Selective

The fragrance from the first line of selective perfumes of the Swedish brand Stellary (before that it produced only decorative cosmetics and skincare) hypnotizes from the first notes. Orchid, lilies, tuberose, cypress, orange, pink pepper imitate the fairy tale of the East.

Tommy Girl Now

Feminine, daring, in fact, a fragrance-manifesto for girls who love to be in the spotlight. In the flair of magnolia, honeysuckle, tangerine, cashmeran, musk, it will be hard not to notice you. And get ready to often answer the question: “What is your perfume?” And to tell or not, you decide.

Bombshell Passion Victoria’s Secret

This fragrance is like beautiful underwear – invisible to the eye, but you know that it is damn good. Berry-spicy Bombshell Passion, like an expensive lace set, makes you sexy and more self-confident.


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