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No one ever has enough space to store food and tableware. We’ve put together ideas that can help you feel like you’ve doubled the space in your kitchen!

Use window sills

If you happen to have a window in your kitchen, consider using the windowsill as storage space. For example, put your favorite cookbooks on it.

Hang a perforated board

Your walls can take more than you think. Try hanging a perforated board to add storage space.

Out of reach

Store rarely used gadgets in upper cabinets. If you don’t have them yet, it’s time to fix it. Or consider using pretty baskets. Do not limit storage to areas within arm’s reach. Up there, you can hide serving plates for special occasions, appliances you don’t use often, and anything else you don’t need just yet.

Identical boxes

Create uniformity on open shelves with boxes. Use tags to organize the contents of each basket.

Hide technology

Instead of keeping your appliances like your toaster or microwave in plain sight, come up with some fun ways to hide them. For example, you can come up with a sliding door that blends with the rest of the furniture set.

Hang the magnetic knife holder

When space in the kitchen is limited, every square centimeter counts. Attach cutlery to walls with a magnetic knife board. You can also use it to attach other things.

Add Hooks

Install hooks on walls, inside cabinets, under shelves, wherever you can. This will create space out of thin air and organize space for things that would otherwise take up space in a drawer or closet. Hang cooking tools and cutting boards above the sink or stove so they are easily accessible but out of the way when not in use.

Add Shelves

Glass shelves hidden under the cabinets give you a place to store glassware – for example, glasses on it will be almost invisible. Choose a really narrow shelf that will fit one row of crockery or storage jars.

Get rid of unnecessary packaging

Visual clutter can be just as detrimental to the economical use of space. Half-empty sacks of flour, crumpled boxes of pasta and rice litter your cupboards and shelves. To avoid this, move the ingredients into nice clear containers. So you save space, and the shelves will look much sleeker. In addition, you can label them and immediately see what you need to buy.

Choose containers that you like to look at – jars and containers will not only serve as an organizational function, but also serve as a decor for your kitchen.

Order inside the box

Transfer the spices to transparent containers and stick labels on the lids, this will facilitate identification in the box.

Use ready-made organizers for kitchen utensils.

Order in the fridge

Use empty egg containers to store condiments. Separate the top and bottom and take one piece and place the resulting box on the shelf of the refrigerator door to store sauces mouth down.

Magazine folders and organizers are the perfect accessory to organize your kitchen. If you plan to store food in them, choose wire holders with many holes for air circulation.


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