• Why do deep wrinkles appear?

    • Dry skin

    • Active facial expressions

    • Stress and lack of sleep

    • Age changes

  • How to get rid of deep wrinkles at home

  • How can a beautician help?

Wrinkles on our face are divided into subspecies: there are fatigue wrinkles that go away, it’s worth having a good night’s sleep, mimic wrinkles that form when we smile, frown, and there are deep wrinkles. The latter are distinguished by the fact that they do not disappear, even when you are snoring peacefully, moreover, if you run your finger over them, it will fall slightly there.

Of course, deep wrinkles do not appear overnight. The education process takes time. But, if you already saw such a picture on your face, you should not panic. You can get rid of deep wrinkles even at home. How, said Natalya Vasilyeva, a beautician at the MilFay City salon.

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A number of causes contribute to the appearance of deep wrinkles, including stress and lack of sleep.

When the skin lacks moisture and nutrition, its tone decreases, the production of collagen and elastin decreases. In the event that the dermis does not receive enough water and “food” for a long time, wrinkles are formed, which are called the beautiful word “epidermal”.

If you have a very mobile forehead that expresses your every emotion, you smile widely at everything or always frown clearly, then you have a risk of getting deep wrinkles due to your emotionality even at 30 years old.

“Deep dermal wrinkles appear in the projection of the muscles with their constant contraction: on the forehead, in the interbrow area, in the projection of the circular muscle of the eyes (crow’s feet). These are the so-called dermal dynamic wrinkles, laid down by facial expressions from the usual facial expressions, ”says Natalya.

Due to constant stress and overwork, the hormone cortisol begins to circulate in the body. It kills everything good in its path, including slowing down cellular metabolism, collagen and elastin synthesis. Because of this, the skin loses its tone and can “acquire” wrinkles.

With age, the amount of estrogen in the body decreases, because of this, not only skin tone decreases. The subcutaneous fat becomes thinner, fleas appear, and even deep wrinkles.

“Distinct nasolabial folds are formed, folds near the orbicular muscle of the mouth,” the cosmetologist notes.

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If wrinkles begin to “peck”, use cosmetics with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, oils, liposomes, provitamin B5, vitamins E and C.

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1. Mask for the skin around the eyes Ilona Lunden. 2. Instant lifting serum Le Regard Serum Eclat Rivoli. 3. Serum restoring Intensive Repair Essence EGIA Biocare System.

Be sure to exfoliate with fruit acids once a week, this promotes skin renewal.

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1. Anti-aging cream “Collagen Specialist” LIFTACTIV VICHY. 2. Modeling face lifting night cream SO LIFTING SKIN Ninelle. 3. Anti-aging cream for normal and combination skin Redermic C La Rocher-Posay. 4. Filler for deep wrinkles Apple Of Sodom AHAVA.

In the presence of already formed deep wrinkles, start using cosmetics with peptides, niacinamides, which stimulate cellular metabolism. Use fillers under makeup. They visually fill wrinkles, even out the skin texture.

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1. Cream for the skin around the eyes and lips Eisenberg. 2. Anti-aging oil-care “Corsican immortelle” Huile de Soin Anti-Age Academie. 3. Night face cream against all signs of aging L’Intemporel Givenchy.

At night, you can use products with retinol – a well-known genius of rejuvenation. But in order to avoid the appearance of allergic reactions and dermatitis, it is better to do this under the supervision of a cosmetologist.

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The fastest way to solve the problem of deep wrinkles is in the beautician’s office.

“With deep wrinkles, if their occurrence is associated with dynamic activity, injection techniques using botulinum toxin (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) do well. Biorevitalization and mesotherapy courses will help reduce epidermal wrinkles. Fillers are able to fill the creases of deep wrinkles and compensate for the missing volumes.

Of the hardware techniques, various types of lasers cope with deep wrinkles: fractional, CO2, BBL photorejuvenation, thermal lifting procedures, ”explains Natalya Vasilyeva.


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