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It happens that we do not have excess weight, but the second chin still makes itself felt. We will share effective ways to get rid of the second chin and give the face a beautiful oval.

Very often, the main cause of the second chin is the weak muscles of the face. But there are effective ways to help tone our muscles.

  1. Pulling out the tongue. Oddly enough, this simple exercise can tighten the muscles of the neck and double chin area. To do this, we need to stretch the tongue with all our might and point it up, you can try to reach the tip of the nose. There should be a lot of tension. Then we lower the tongue down, as if we want to touch the chin. We repeat as much as we can. We do the exercise every day and the result will amaze you – the skin will become more elastic and tightened. We proceed from the first exercise to the second.
  2. Patting. Gently pat the chin with the back of the hand, do not do it too hard, but the pats should be noticeable.
  3. We open our mouth. Tilt your head back and open your mouth wide. You should feel a strong tension under the jaw. We mentally count to 20 and slowly close our mouths. Let’s repeat a few times. Lip movement. Let’s stretch the lips into a tube, start moving the lips to the right, to the center and to the left. You need to do the exercise at least 10 times. The exercise works on the area of ​​the lower jaw, cheeks and lips.
  4. Chin lift. An excellent exercise for strengthening and tightening the muscles of the face. Stand up, straighten your back and neck. Pull the chin towards the ceiling and squeeze the lips as much as possible. Hold in static for 10 seconds, then relax and lower your chin. It will be effective to repeat the exercises 2 times a day 10 times.
  5. Neck turns. Tighten the chin and neck: Carefully, slowly turn the head to the side, the chin should be parallel to the shoulder. You need to make sure that the eyes are looking to the side. Slowly lower your head down, then turn it to the other side. To make our chin beautiful and toned, we do the exercise 10 times, 2 times a day.

If the reason for the appearance of a second chin is not overweight, but in sagging skin, then constant massages and masks will help in this problem. The key to success is regularity.

Honey massage.

  • We heat the honey in a water bath, it should not be too hot, the consistency should be warm and liquid.
  • We apply the resulting mass to the problem area and begin to rub the honey from the center to the periphery.

  • We massage with our thumbs, moving from the center of the chin to the earlobes. The procedure should not take more than 10 minutes.

Lymphatic drainage massage using a special cream.

The skin needs hydration and this will help the cream, which contains hyaluronic acid.

Apply the cream to the problem area and massage intensively with your thumbs. Massage is performed in circular motions to improve blood circulation.

  • Raise your head up and apply the cream on the problem area, rub from the center of the neck to the chin.

  • Then we begin to move to the right side of the neck, with light movements we work out the jaw line.

  • Then place the index finger under the jawline and the knuckle of the middle finger above the jawline. Two fingers should form a V.

  • Then we draw our fingers, with a slight pressure on the skin, to the temples. 5 times on each side.

You need to repeat this massage several times a week and you will notice the result in a month.

  • Myostimulation. The effect of the procedure is that electrical impulses will act on the skin for 20-30 minutes. The skin will become visibly lifted. There are contraindications, you need to consult a doctor.

  • Lipolyptic injections. The procedure is designed to break down fat in problem areas. To do this, an injection is administered, usually 2-3 sessions, and you will notice that your chin has decreased and the skin has tightened.

  • Radio wave lifting. The procedure is suitable for those who want to quickly and efficiently say goodbye to the second chin. Several treatments will be required, usually lasting at least 30 minutes. This type of procedure activates the production of collagen and increases the level of oxygen in the skin. Not recommended for those who have damaged capillaries on the skin.

  • Mini liposuction. It is the most radical method of solving the problem. In essence, it is a surgical procedure. The doctor makes small incisions in the chin area, then inserts a special needle there, with which it pumps out fat and excess fluid.


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