• What determines the size of the breast

  • How to increase breasts with fitness

    • Knee push-ups

    • Dumbbell Chest Press

    • Clap hands

    • Broad smile

    • How to enlarge breasts with care products

      • Cleanse your skin

    • Get a massage

    • Use care products

    • Protect your skin

    • sleep right

  • How to enlarge breasts with nutrition

  • How to enlarge breasts with a bra

  • How to increase breasts with posture

Surgeons say that the fashion for large breasts has passed. Girls come to a specialist with a request to correct the form or return it after childbirth. And, if they want to increase, then only by one size, and not by two or three, as before. By the way, for those who are afraid to go under the knife, there are several ways to make the chest a little bigger. How the size of the bust depends on the right bra, care, sports and diet, Igor Gulyaev told usPhD, plastic surgeon of the CIDK clinic.

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Our chest is a constructor, which consists of several types of tissues: glandular with a mass of lactiferous ducts (open in the areola), fatty, skin is also considered an integral part of the breast. The chest has muscles – one type under the mammary gland, there are also muscle tissues on the front surface of the upper chest (here, at the level of the 2nd rib, the subcutaneous muscle of the neck – platysma) begins.

Based on the input data, the breast size depends on your weight, breast size, skin condition of the bust and neck, and posture.

Against the background of the games of hormones (mainly estrogen), the breast can increase or decrease throughout life, this is most clearly seen during pregnancy and lactation. Against the background of the fact that the skin of the bust from time to time loses its elasticity, stretches, the gland loses its shape, decreases, and the chest also changes. It can even sink – this condition, as in the case of the face, is called ptosis.

Experts say that in some cases it is possible to return the breast to its original shape and even increase it by one size without the participation of a doctor, although this process is not fast and does not always give a wow effect, but it is worth a try. The game itself is addictive, and focusing on the result will help you not only get firm breasts, but also get in shape.

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Breasts can be pumped up not only by men, but also by women, or rather, in a scientific way, to increase the height of the chest relative to the chest.

To do this, you need to regularly (preferably every day instead of charging) do exercises aimed at increasing the pectoral muscles. Here are the most effective ones.

Nice workout, both in the morning and before bed. Can be great to relieve stress. Learn more about how to do the exercise in the video.

To do this, you will need dumbbells that are suitable for your weight (check with a trainer or in a store), a bench, if you don’t have one at home, two stools will do, which you need to put next to and use as a bench.

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This exercise can be done at home or even in the office, simple movements allow you to develop the pectoral muscles.

You can sit or stand. Raise your palms to the level of your nose and connect them. Spread your elbows out to the sides so that they are parallel to the floor. Try to clap your hands without opening your fingers 10 times in a row.

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They say that smiling people are drawn to, so smile more often, it helps to pump up your chest.

So, repeat this simple exercise (you can in transport if you are without complexes) – smile as wide as possible 15 times in a row. Such training causes the subcutaneous muscle of the neck to contract, strengthens it, keeps the tissues that support the chest in good shape, which indirectly makes it more elastic.

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Much depends on the condition of the skin of the bust. After all, the skin of the mammary gland is a kind of cover, if it is stretched, the shape of the gland will be unattractive. Therefore, after 30, start actively caring for the bust.


Be sure to exfoliate the skin of the bust once or twice a week, use gentle products without abrasives, because the skin here is thin. Apply the exfoliator with gentle smoothing movements. This procedure will help rid the skin of toxins, lead to tone and improve the absorption of components from care products.

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Every day in the shower, massage your breasts with cool water in a circular motion. And after these manipulations, massage the bust with your hands, also in a circular motion, this will make the chest more rounded and elastic.

Apply creams after a shower, choose products for the care of the bust or décolleté with a lifting effect. They moisturize, smooth, nourish and strengthen the rear of the dermis.

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one. Firming cream for breasts and body Sesnatura Sesderma. 2. Modeling cream “Bust Sculptor” Avon Works. 3. Serum for bust Mezo Push-Up Eveline.

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Do not get carried away with nudism: keep the bust in a bathing suit, because the sun has a detrimental effect on the skin, stimulating premature aging, and in the case of the mammary gland, oncological diseases. In the summer, be sure to apply SPF cream on the chest and décolleté.

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Experts advise that to maintain a beautiful shape of the chest, you need to sleep on your back.

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It is known that with age, the amount of estrogen in the body decreases, and women’s health is very dependent on it. And breast size too! The safest way to stimulate the release of estrogen is through proper nutrition. Enter the menu foods rich in phytoestrogens. Beans, cheese, lentils, yogurts, brown rice, barley, carrots, cucumbers, beets, flax seeds, pistachios, green tea, strawberries, raspberries, green beans and zucchini are tasty and healthy.

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The simplest tool that gives an instant wow effect on breast enlargement is a push-up. True, experts warn that it is better to use it on special occasions. Push-up compresses the upper part of the chest, because of this, the skin of the neckline becomes thinner, and the chest loses its elasticity.

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1. Intimissimi bra. 2. H&M bra. 3. Women’secret bra. 4. Incanto bra.

It is best to buy a good bra that will support the chest. It should not crash, stretch under the weight of the chest and cause discomfort.

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A lot depends on posture. If you don’t slouch, keep your back straight, your chest looks bigger and you appear taller.

You need to walk down the street in the style of “walking – writing.” Feel like an actress on the red carpet: keep your back straight, as if you are being pulled up, take your shoulders back a little, your chest is raised, do not “turn off” your ass – the outstanding bust is ready.


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