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A short haircut has a lot of advantages. She slims without a gym, lengthens her neck without plastic surgery, adds a couple of centimeters to her height and saves time washing her hair in the morning. In addition, the hair always looks well-groomed and does not split. It remains the case for small – to make styling. Many people think that only a hairdresser can cope with this task, for the same reason they do styling exclusively on holidays. But everything is much simpler than it seems, and styling can please yourself every day. Here is our evidence.

1. Wash your hair with shampoo and hair conditioner. You can use conditioner or even make a nourishing mask.

2. Dry your hair 70% to keep it slightly damp.

3. Comb your hair.

4. Use a fixative. It can be mousse, wax, hairspray or hair gel.

5. It is better to start from the back of the head, as well as from the bottom up. Take a strand of hair and apply a fixative to it, giving it the shape and volume you want to keep all day long.

6. Switch the hair dryer to cold mode. And lightly, literally 10-20 seconds, go through the hair again. Why cold mode? Because hot hair is plastic. Therefore, hot air is used to give them the desired shape. And cold air to fix it.

7. Look at yourself in the mirror and have a great day.

To keep your hair healthy and shiny, use a semi-professional or professional hair dryer.

Do the same, but when you shape it, use a comb. Wind a strand of hair around it to the very roots. Fix the shape with mousse, gel or wax. If you use varnish, then fix the shape gradually – as you scroll the comb to the ends of the hair so that they do not stick together.


Don’t overdry your hair. To do this, leave them slightly damp and use a semi-professional or professional hair dryer.

If finances allow, then you can buy a special “diffuser” nozzle for a hair dryer. It is often used to style short hair. It is round in shape and has forceps, bulges and holes on its surface. As we wrote above, hot air makes the hair flexible, therefore, getting tangled in the nozzle and under high temperature, they involuntarily curl into natural curls. We repeat all the same steps as with a hair dryer. At the end, do not forget to fix with a tool. Passing cold air after is not necessary.

The first and most important rule – before styling short hair with an iron, apply a heat protectant or, as it is also called, a protective spray from an iron on your hair. Why is it important? High temperatures burn the hair and make it brittle. To prevent this from happening, you must use a protective spray.

Then comb your hair so that the product is distributed along the entire length.

Second, dry your hair 100% before styling and applying a protective agent. This can be done both with a hair dryer and naturally.

Thirdly, the hair straightener is not a toy. Smoothly “stroke” the hair, but do not linger for a long time on one strand, unless you want to burn it.

Then we fix the styling with mousse, gel, wax or varnish. If desired, styling can be given a natural volume by adjusting it with your fingers.


1. We do styling only on dried hair.

2. Approach carefully to the choice of the diameter of the curling iron. For small curls, use a thin curling iron, for large curls or even waves, use a large one. To simplify curling, there are triple and even automatic curling irons.

3. Before styling, use a hair protectant, because the temperature of the curling iron reaches 200 degrees, which makes the hair thinner. The spray does not allow this, thereby protecting your hair.

4. Average styling time per strand is 5-15 seconds. It depends on its thickness. Keep a thin strand for less time, a thick one for more. But don’t overdo it. Remember that it is important not to burn your hair.

5. Start curling curls from the bottom up. For convenience, the hair at the crown can be collected in a bun or secured with hairpins. Select a strand, wrap it around the curling iron, wait 10 seconds and release. To keep the curl in shape longer, hold it gathered until it cools.

6. Fix the styling with varnish, mousse, wax or gel.

7. To create a natural volume, you can tousle the curls a little with your hands.

There is also a lot of room for creativity and experimentation. For example, before winding a strand on a curling iron, you can twist it into a bundle or make a thin pigtail. In addition, style short hair

Every girl has asked this question at least once in her life. I lent the curling iron to a friend, the iron broke, and the hair dryer was completely lost. It would seem that there is no romantic evening or holiday in the team. But here our life hacks come to the rescue, how to style short hair at home.

Method 1 Wet your hair so that it becomes slightly damp. Put them behind your ears. Make a drawing of the wave and fix its crests with invisibility, then with varnish or any other fixative. After 10 – 20 minutes, carefully remove the invisibility. Retro styling is ready!

Method 2 Wash your hair in the evening, dry your hair by 50% and then braid it or roll it into thin bundles. In the morning, before going out, gently undo your hair. Fix with varnish and you’re done!

Method 3. If you like to wash your hair in the morning, and there is no strict dress code for hairstyles at work, then this option is for you. Twist your hair as much as possible and make a bun. In the evening before the event, dissolve it, carefully lay it down and fix it with varnish. If the Hollywood track was invented for anyone, it is only for you!

If suddenly you run out of hairspray, then they can be fixed with homemade gelatin gel. To do this, mix 1 teaspoon with 1 glass of water. Heat the mixture over a fire until completely dissolved and let cool. As soon as the solution begins to acquire a gel-like consistency (usually after half an hour or an hour), it’s ready! This method is used by synchronized swimmers. When you rinse, use hot water.


To create a classic look, straighten your bangs with an iron. If you want to add carelessness and light wind to the image, then comb the bangs back. For an evening celebration, an elongated bang can be slightly curled into light waves, laid to one side. In everyday life, you can completely get by with a headband with a knot at the top, a scarf or a fashionable bandage.

It is the hairstyle that distinguishes brutal men from gallant ones. It depends on her what your chosen one thinks of you. A hairstyle can also tell about your character (rebellious or restrained). So how do you style short hair?

1. Wash your hair.

2. Dry them 50% leaving slightly damp.

3. Take a hair dryer and a comb.

4. Combing your hair back, dry it with a hair dryer.

5. Fix styling with hair gel.

You can also style your hair to one side, up, making a mohawk, or in a casual style, preferring a slight chaos.


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