It is believed that a redecoration of an apartment is required every five years, and a major one every 15. The study showed that Most Russians are afraid of repairs. According to our citizens, the materials may be too expensive, and the services of workers of poor quality. And quarrels often arise in the family because of repairs, and this is also scary.

Only 14% of respondents are not worried about the upcoming renovation of an apartment or house. The rest of the thoughts about the upcoming alteration are alarming. Wherein men worry more than women – 92% versus 77%.

main fearexperienced by 46% are associated with the cost of materials, or rather their high cost. Slightly less – 39% – believe that the services of a repair team will be beyond their means. At the same time, 30% of respondents fear that the workers will deceive them. Just as many are sure that they will not be able to meet the deadlines and the repair will be delayed. It is also frightening that you will have to live during the repair not in the most comfortable conditions.

About every fifth person is sure that quarrels will arise in the family because of the repair. Another 20% fear that the work will not be done well. And much less do Russians worry about a failed design project (13%), unhappy neighbors (12%), and accidental flooding after completion (5%).

The vast majority of people who survived the renovation stated that the fears and fears that tormented them before the start of work were fully justified. In 40% of cases, the costs went beyond the budget, in 38% – the process dragged on for a longer period than planned. 18% and 17% were unlucky with the teams – the cost and quality of work did not suit them. Quarrels in the family occurred less frequently than expected – only in 13%, and relations with neighbors still deteriorated among 14% of respondents, writes RIA Novosti.

Other studies have shown that most Russians prefer to do their own repairs. Most often, citizens themselves change the wiring, glue the wallpaper, paint the walls and update the plumbing. But some types of work, including laying tiles or replacing windows, are more trusted by professionals.

Experts advise when choosing a construction team, firstly, check how long the team has been doing repairs. To perform the work at the proper level, you need at least 5 years of work experience. You can be asked to provide an extract on the registration of an individual entrepreneur or other form of activity. A legal entity is preferable to private owners– with the first in case of problems, you can always sort it out in court.

Second, worth communicate with previous customers.
Beautiful photos on Instagram* and reviews on the site do not always correspond to reality, but a live conversation usually helps to dot the i’s.

It is important to The team included specialists in different types of work. Those who lay tiles at the same time, change faucets and toilet bowls, and are able to install gas stoves cannot inspire confidence.

It is also worth paying attention What tools are the workers using? Requests to buy a jigsaw or grinder should be alerted. Usually real professionals have their own tools that are expensive.

Perhaps, the most important point is the conclusion of the contract. Without it, you should not start any work. The document must contain all the nuances and details, the responsibility of the parties and the guarantee. A separate item is prescribe the start and end dates of work, their list and payment procedure.


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