Ambassadors of Good

Karina Murray​

CEO and Founder​

Victoria Valdivia Cerca​

Space Policy Strategic Advisor​

Meghna Joshi​

Founder of Swan​

Mandisa Laurain Constable​

Founder of MaLaCo Group​

Malak Trabelsi Loeb​

Serial Entrepreneur​

Basuti Gerty Bolo

Endowed Chair Educational Technologies

Zondra Evans

Founder and CEO

Annie Gibbins

CEO, Global Women’s Empowerment Coach

Theresa Fynn

Director and Deputy Chairlady of Tsedi Hope Foundation

Jessa Robuck

CEO and Founder of VidaLuz Development

Cathy Dimarchos

Founder and CEO

Gwenno Dafydd

Master Leadership and Public Speaking Coach

Desiree P. Bell

President and CEO

Shelli Brunswick

Space Foundation Chief Operating Officer

Eva Munsamy

Ceo & Chairlady of the Tsedi Hope Foundation

Linda Fisk

CEO and Founder

Chiara Chiesa

International PR & Space Technology Transfer Commercialization Advisor

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