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“This is for Yogis”: 7 misconceptions about meditation that 90% of people believe

Meditation and yoga tutor, expert in spiritual and physical development, founder of Isness women’s club Meditation is the practice of concentration and inner contemplation of oneself, one’s true desires and feelings. The essence of the practice is to relax the mind and feel yourself, your body. Connect with your soul and heart. Your fears, limitations, […]

How to Get a Glittering Nail Manicure: Don’t Repeat These 18 Nail Care Mistakes and Don’t Believe These 7 Popular Myths

[ad_1] Expert comment Anastasia Dashko, expert of the service for ordering manicure and pedicure at home Using hard files for natural nails A natural nail is a multi-layered scaly structure, similar to the structure of the skin. Therefore, the nail needs proper care, hydration and nutrition, and nail files play a very important role in […]