Метка: effect

Manicure with anti-age effect

[ad_1] Manicure with anti-age effect will not turn back the clock. But he is quite capable of visually “rejuvenating” his hands, which have already been affected by age-related changes. The ideal nail art for mature women should perform two important functions — not emphasize wrinkles on the skin and at the same time be stylish. […]

Leggings with the effect of Push Up (Push Up): will make your figure feminine and elegant

[ad_1] Leggings have firmly entered the women’s wardrobe. This is a utilitarian piece of clothing that can improve the proportions of the figure. If the buttocks are not expressive, leggings with the Push Up effect will help. Such models make the figure more feminine and elegant. Instead of complaining about the reflection in the mirror […]