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How to wear a bodysuit correctly and with what? Best tips and advice from experts

[ad_1] More recently, the bodysuit for most girls was associated exclusively with sports. Indeed, this piece of clothing was used for gymnastics, shaping, aerobics. In addition, the bodysuit was sometimes used as underwear, usually corrective. But relatively recently, bodysuits began to be used as an independent wardrobe item. Let’s figure out how to wear a […]

Experts have found out how the beauty of the skin depends on the profession of a person

[ad_1] According to a study by the British company Beauty Pie, people in certain professions are more likely to suffer from skin problems and aging than others. The researchers identified 18 top skin stressors, including travel, shift work and air-conditioned office work, and used them to hypothesize which industries are most likely to cause suffering. […]