Метка: overweight

Determine if you are overweight, without scales, centimeters and BMI indicators

[ad_1] Let’s be honest: being overweight is subjective. One looks like a reed, but dreams of losing five kilograms, the other has mouth-watering roundness and is convinced that her figure is perfect. Physiologists, on the other hand, believe that neither volume in centimeters, nor weight in kilograms, nor even BMI can accurately reflect this ephemeral […]

One-shoulder evening dress (18 photos): floor-length, short, with a wrap, models for overweight and aged women

[ad_1] The main hit of evening fashion this season is a luxurious one-shoulder dress — off-shoulder. Designers do not limit fashionistas in their choice, offering many versions of a seductive outfit. Features of one-shoulder dresses Toga dresses with an asymmetric top cut noticeably pressed the baby-doll sugar dresses. This does not mean that frivolous girlish […]

Styles of strict dresses (17 photos): wraparound, sheath, peplum, trapeze, models for overweight and aged women

[ad_1] Strict dresses are required for interviews, during business negotiations and in the office. Business women always keep several successful models of various designs on hand. Fashionable styles of strict dresses allow you to look stylish even in a work environment where compliance with the dress code is mandatory. We will learn how to choose […]

Skirt to the floor (82 photos): summer or winter models, TOP-10 popular styles, what to wear, skirts for overweight and women over 40

[ad_1] Skirt to the floor, associated with an evening wardrobe. Fashionistas are increasingly choosing maxi skirts for everyday outfits. A long skirt can become the basis of a beach, romantic or festive look. Some women choose maxi for the office. With the right combination of wardrobe elements, it will be possible to get ensembles of […]