Метка: season

We make a comfortable and fashionable hairstyle of the season following the example of Lopez and Bieber

[ad_1] Stylists predict: one of the most fashionable and, importantly, comfortable styling this spring and summer will be the ponytail. Only now it’s not simple and familiar to everyone, but in the style of our beloved childhood doll — the beautiful Barbie. Following the toy idol, Ariana Grande, Hailey Bieber and Megan Ze Stallion are […]

Treggings: the best models and styles of the season

[ad_1] Today, treggings have gained immense popularity — tight-fitting trousers that impress women of all ages and different physiques. The name «treggins» was formed from two words — «leggings» («leggings») and «trousers» (pants). Unlike leggings, treggings are denser and more elastic.. A variety of models, color compositions allows every woman to choose the perfect model […]

What shoes to wear with leggings? Your look for every season and style

[ad_1] Modern women, in an effort to attract attention and create inimitable images, use extravagant clothes of the original design. Such extraordinary and expressive things include leggings that allow you to make trendy bows. With the right choice of all the components of the ensemble, spectacular female images are created, distinguished by sophistication and attractive […]