Метка: styles

Jumpsuit with shorts: a variety of models, styles and images

[ad_1] World-famous fashion designers annually present innovative models to the female audience that can radically change the style and adorn ladies of any age. Has not lost interest and overalls with shorts, allowing you to create extraordinary fashionable bows. Young girls are impressed by shortened samples, emphasizing ideal forms and adding sexuality to the figure.. […]

Treggings: the best models and styles of the season

[ad_1] Today, treggings have gained immense popularity — tight-fitting trousers that impress women of all ages and different physiques. The name «treggins» was formed from two words — «leggings» («leggings») and «trousers» (pants). Unlike leggings, treggings are denser and more elastic.. A variety of models, color compositions allows every woman to choose the perfect model […]