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5 examples of nail design for a problematic nail shape — they will make your manicure elegant and visually lengthen

[ad_1] Many girls cannot boast of an elongated and symmetrical shape of nails. Some complain about a too wide nail bed, others about the inability to grow even the minimum length, and still others about a too quickly overgrown and rough cuticle. Sometimes all this even becomes the reason for the rejection of a long-term […]

How do mosquitoes find people and who do they like to bite the most? Doctor’s explanation

[ad_1] Scientists have found that the mosquito is attracted to a source of heat and carbon dioxide. That is why obese people, children, pregnant women, athletes and tipsy citizens may seem more “tasty” to mosquitoes — they emit more carbon dioxide with their breath, and their body temperature may be higher. In addition, people dressed […]