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«Condoms are the most reliable» and 4 more myths about contraception that it’s time to forget

[ad_1] In September 2017, VTsIOM conducted a survey dedicated to the Day of Contraception. It turned out that every fourth Russian (29%) believes that he lacks knowledge about modern methods of protection, and among respondents aged 45 to 59, every second respondent (48%) admitted this. Why is it so in an age when any information […]

10 signs of poor-quality manicure: how to understand that it’s time to change the master

[ad_1] Flawless manicure, beautiful coverage and fashionable design… Are you sure that you have finally found your master? But going to a nail salon, you risk not so much your beauty as your health! What «bells» should alert you? Expensive, pathetic, rich! Unfortunately, approved standards for training manicure masters have not yet been developed in […]