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How to wear a bodysuit correctly and with what? Best tips and advice from experts

[ad_1] More recently, the bodysuit for most girls was associated exclusively with sports. Indeed, this piece of clothing was used for gymnastics, shaping, aerobics. In addition, the bodysuit was sometimes used as underwear, usually corrective. But relatively recently, bodysuits began to be used as an independent wardrobe item. Let’s figure out how to wear a […]

What to wear with a turtleneck? Features of choice and configuration

[ad_1] It’s hard to even imagine how many luxurious ensembles a fashionable turtleneck allows you to create. In the women’s wardrobe there are many original models of different shapes, lengths, colors and designs. Exquisite high-necked badlons have become classics of the fashionable wardrobe, giving elegance to the silhouette, adding growth and grace to the figure. […]

What shoes to wear with leggings? Your look for every season and style

[ad_1] Modern women, in an effort to attract attention and create inimitable images, use extravagant clothes of the original design. Such extraordinary and expressive things include leggings that allow you to make trendy bows. With the right choice of all the components of the ensemble, spectacular female images are created, distinguished by sophistication and attractive […]