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Capri jeans — a simple and fashionable element of your wardrobe

[ad_1] Fashion trends dictate the need to involve clothing of different styles in women’s ensembles. The genuine interest of fashion critics is caused by capri jeans, which can create completely opposite images.. At first glance, these are simple sports products suitable for everyday wear. However, with a creative approach to creating a fashionable bow, you […]

5 examples of nail design for a problematic nail shape — they will make your manicure elegant and visually lengthen

[ad_1] Many girls cannot boast of an elongated and symmetrical shape of nails. Some complain about a too wide nail bed, others about the inability to grow even the minimum length, and still others about a too quickly overgrown and rough cuticle. Sometimes all this even becomes the reason for the rejection of a long-term […]