We focus on strategically supporting and initiating positive change aligned with the UN SDGs in a measurable way, with resources, ability, expertise and impact amplified through international partnerships, working together for the greater good. We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, and are aware that there are numerous incredible people, networks, action groups and working groups that are industry, region, niche and challenge-specific in nature, already doing fantastic work, so our aim is work in partnership to share lessons learned, insights gained, knowledge, experience and resource- allowing for increased impact through transferrable and innovative solutions, adapted for local contexts. Our activities are at its core, collaborative and strategic in nature, founded on sustainability principles, and more specifically, we will be:


Our activities are collaborative and strategic in nature, founded on sustainability principles. More specifically, we will be:

Common Body of Knowledge & Resource

Creating a database that allows for insights and sharing of resources for replication and adaptation of solutions for global use

Asset & Innovation Based Problem-Solving

Forming an online asset and innovation based problem-solver community where members can collaborate to solve problems and implement outcome-focused solutions

Collaborative Global Network

Showcasing initiatives and facilitating collaborative working and sharing of skills, knowledge, expertise and resources

Think Tanks and Action Groups

Hosting think tanks and action groups focused on reviewing and assessing potential initiatives, and coordinating implementation with members

Strategic & Scalable Projects

Working with individuals who are strategically positioned to facilitate infrastructural and institutional changes as well as support implementation and roll-out of projects and programs

Sustainability & Impact Focused

Integrating sustainability and impact measurement mechanisms within systems and operations for reporting, sharing and review
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